Yes, yes, yes! I love them, and wear them frequently. They are in a close tie with my JCrew matchsticks, which are my all time favorites.

Yes! I just bought two new pairs in fact. I really like them tucked into boots, and I like how they work with voluminous toppers. I laugh because 10 years ago I swore I would never wear skinnies!

Yes skinnies are still a staple for me, I adore them paired with tall boots and sometimes booties too. I also sport bootcuts but skinnies are sticking around for me.

I'm not going to buy more skinnies simply because I am out of money...I'm not buying more of anything! But if I had money for shopping, I wouldn't mind adding another pair or two. As others have pointed out, they're very practical since they allow you to wear knee-high boots and tuck the jeans. I also like how they balance out the fluid tops.

Not buying because I have enough, but I love wearing the ones I have. I have them in olive, grape, darkwash denim, and black brocade. The latter are very useful with silk tunic tops for work, worn with booties. The rest I love changing into when I come home, and I can tuck them into my Ugg boots for walking the dog (pre-approved by the Forum for the purpose).

I am not buying anymore bottoms! But skinnies will remain my wardrobe staples. Even the bodycon, comfortable stretchy but not sasauge casing ones. My legs are the better part of my body ... I don't do bodycon up top, so skinnies are really the only way I do bodycon :). It's a conventionally flattering style on me.

Love my AG stilts and have denim, white, black and grey. I never seem to tire of them and adore the fit. As for buying feel I have enough right now. In saying that, I may change my mind if I spot AG's in an outstanding new shade.

Yes! I left skinny jeans behind for boyfriends and other jeans but of late have come back. In 2012, I went crazy for boyfriend jeans because I was so sick of skinnies. I had just come off a major colored skinny jean buying spree, as well as printed/patterned. So I stopped buying skinnies for a while. Then I went on a novelty jean kick. Cross-over baggy crotch jeans, pajama jeans, Mom jeans. Now I'm back to skinnies but with a high rise. Less muffin top. Also, I purchased my most sausage-casing pair in September. The Rag & Bone high rise skinny in Heritage wash.

Skinny jeans keep me honest. If I wore boyfriends alone my weight would definitely creep up.

Everyone's replies are so helpful here. It's interesting what a range of opinion we have, and of course it confirms what I know in my fashion heart, that there will always be room for a range of denim styles, including skinnies.
I am still on the fence about these skinnies because some questions still nag at me:

-- Am I too old to wear these skinnies?
-- Are these the "sausage casing" skinnies that other people have given up, and if so, should I let them go?
-- Am I drawn to these because they are a premium brand on sale? (a classic hole for me to fall into)

Here's the thing. I do love slouchy pants and BF styles for their comfort and their boyish style, but sometimes I really crave structure -- and especially in the rear area (which I feel I've written a lot about lately!). At 51, I'm finding the butt is the first to go -- and I mean, really go, as in disappear. Good skinnies or fitted pants can provide some shape, while slouchy pants can look sloppy and add to the increasing sense of shapelessness that comes with age.

I'm going to try those pants on again before I decide for sure. Thanks all, and especially the pro-skinnies and the pro-high waisted skinnies who give me some courage to consider these jeans!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Just bought two new pair this past weekend, in fact. I adore them. They fit me. I DO FEEL fabulous when I wear them. I don't know if I will ever willingly give them up.

I'm not necessarily buying them, but I am definitely still wearing them. I have loads of BF styles, but keep gravitating to the skinnies in the cooler weather. I'm like CocoLion, the skinnies keep me (relatively) honest. No joke. I agree that it's nice to mix in some structure. You do it well.

Viva, to answer your second set of questions:

1. Are you too old for skinnies? No.
2. Perhaps you are hesitating because the term "sausage casing" sounds derogatory. But I at least didn't mean it that way. It's a humorous, descriptive term, but like a number of us have said, that style of skinny jean is really useful for tucking into tall boots. I don't think they will every truly go out of style now that we have the technology to make them stretchy enough that they're wearable (do you remember trying to stuff yourself into tight jeans in your teen years? What we wouldn't have given for a bit of lycra back then).
3. Can't answer the third question for you. You know your own weaknesses. I do know that I personally have bought quite a few failures on sale -- but that isn't always the case. I've had the the odd success. Ask yourself, 'would I buy these full price'?

Finally, are you excited about the pants? Are they flattering? if so, you may have your answer.

(Also -- is that true about the butt? Aargh. I'm not starting with much to begin with!)

It is funny how we question our own body image. I have a skinny pair I just ordered from a brand I like "Big Star" and am wondering a little to myself I they are "okay" because of my age. They are pretty fitted, more so than the other pair I bought which I realized later were actually "straight" but had some stretch too. I'm trying to decide if I should re-order the straights and return the skinnies. Either style would work with tucking into boots.

I hate second guessing myself too.