Rachy's thread made me think of this. I recently read this NYTimes op-ed:
The gist of the article is that some cultures tend to emphasize personal interdependence and others individuality. The author claims this corresponds to whether the culture developed in a rice growing area (requires a lot of cooperation and team work), or a wheat growing area (can be managed much more individually).

As it pertains to getting dressed, I think some people dress to fit in with their group and others tend to dress more to distinguish themselves. Of course most people probably do a bit of both.

I feel I am a wheat grower when it comes to dressing, I prefer to distinguish myself (but still dress within the bounds of groups norms). America, in general, is a nation of wheat growers. Israel is much closer to a rice grower mentality although it is definitely a wheat predominate culture. (I actually don't totally buy the premise of the article.) Anyone want to label themselves for fun?