Before I joined YLF I had bought my one and only pair of boots. I was quite proud of them, but it never occurred to me how boots were supposed to fit. I thought, they fit my feet and I can walk in them, good to go. I honestly didn't even consider that the inch wide gap all the way around my scrawny calves was a fit issue. Of course once I learned that I was less proud of them!

I had this discussion with my sister today...are booties also supposed to fit close to your ankles? I think I see pictures of booties all the time that gap. (I'm talking about the casual, more chunky, flat kind, not the sleek dressy heels kind.)

ETA: Okay, wow that's a great pic, right? Hah! Anyway it's the best angle I could get to show the fit of my specific pair. I had plans to find a pair of tapered or semi-skinny ponte pants...not wear this winter tucked in for a change. But if the fit of the booties is not good enough there isn't really a point in buying pants specifically for them. I'd use that money elsewhere and wear the booties with bootcut like I have been. So, tough love please! If it isn't worth it, I don't want to do it! Thanks!

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