Beth Ann shared a few years ago, that she tries to dress in a somewhat festive way for the month of December. I liked this idea so much, that I started doing it myself. It gives me excuse and opportunity to wear items usually reserved for just a few days (so increases their wear) plus gives the added bonus of putting off the beginning of what I call my "deep winter" clothes... thus helping reduce the boredom one can get from wearing winter clothes for months and months (and months) on end.

This year I thought I'd put it out as a challenge. A fun challenge, not a challenging challenge. And for me personally, a way to light a fire under me to get me posting more! I'll probably post weekly, as my life is insane at the moment.

For me this means wearing things with a bit of sparkle, lots of red, and some lux fabrics. It's whatever the season means to you, and what you are comfortable with, and what is appropriate for real life. It's all about having some extra fun with your festive clothes. I confess I have quite a few now... I tend to buy one to two pieces as a refresher every year, and of course they don't get a lot of wear, so they have accumulated and are in great shape. And because its me, I haven't passed many on

I will be starting on Monday, as for me this is a work based challenge. Anyone with me?