I am glad there are other purple admirers out there! I really love color focused capsules. I built a burgundy capsule over the past 2 years and have worn those items often. It is especially easy to build an outfit in a hurry. I don't think burgundy is a great color on me but it's not bad either. BTB = better than black.

That's how I used to feel about grey. I dove head first into the grey trend 2013 and am now struggling to purge all of my grey pieces. The reason I got into grey was, it seemed fresh plus it was BTB. Now I feel it is depressing and know that all but one mid-range blue-ish grey looks good on me. In particular I struggle with purging my Vince grey items because they are holding up really well, style and fabric wise. But I digress.

I think I am drawn more to the pink than the blue-ish purples, that's not surprising as warm pastels tend to look better on me than cool ones. Yes I think Tanya and UmmLila are the quintessential cool toned women who are stunning in this color. So I am not surprised you like it. Tanya I love your finds, especially the BR pieces. Will have to check them out.

Do either of you have any outfits to share?

UmmLila thanks for the heads up on the Acne belt. The model wearing it is tiny, I was worried it would be too small on me. Sounds like it's going to be a send back. I'm not usually a Western belt fan but that AE one is real leather and a inexpensive... what size did you buy? I'm thinking a medium for me?

Suz -- what a coincidence that Angie does an outfit the same day I post this thread. It's like she read my mind. I see you as looking beautiful in this shade due to your cool complexion and hair color. I love that coat!

Bijou, StyleFan, Jussie, Summer -- Thank you for your vote of confidence!

Cardiff Girl -- Cardiff is on my bucket list. Anyway the colors I am loving with these shades of purple are: burgundy (because I have lots of it and it's kind of dark and neutral), and navy. Haven't yet tried but think it will work: white, black, and grey.

Aurore -- I actually think auburn hair would look good with purples. See my comment above about wearing burgundy with lilacs and lavenders (and orchids too).

Efbgen -- Never say never. Angie says accessories are the way to work a trend color into your wardrobe if you're uncertain about it flattering your complexion and hair.

Cindysmith -- I bet there's a shade that looks good on you! And remember my motto: most colors are BTB better than black.

Smittie -- Will let you know the extent of damages wrought by Amazon. I think they already have a big portion of my income... streaming, Prime, music unlimited, WaPo, Shopbop... Goodness I should buy stock. And my brother keeps telling me terrible things about Amazon like an employee died from dehydration because the only way they could get benefits was to work non stop without peeing.

RunCarla -- Love the specs!!! I want a pair.

Diana -- Don't see how this would be unflattering on you? I think you look good in cool colors.

Staysfit -- You are right, Orchid should be part of this conversation. In fact I think the H&M sweatshirt is orchid not lilac or lavender.

KKards -- on the lookout for a purple l/s tee shirt!

ClassicallyCasual -- I think you are the perfect lilac color wearer. Do you have a picture of the leather jacket?

JAileen -- Yes that's the exact bag style! It's also seen in traditional Austrian/Bavarian "Trachten" outfits.

La Belle -- I do admire someone who knows what colors work on them and not. And don't get swayed by trends.

LisaP and Binkle and Gigi -- I never thought about lilac makeup! MUST try. Love they idea of eye shadow and nail polish in this shade.

Viva -- never thought of combining lilac with olive. I have both. Must try.

Angie --Zero lilac, even as an accessory? Is this a poison eye?

Roxanne -- what made you decide that you can NOW wear lilac, but before could not?

Windchime -- Lilac chinos! Where did you find them? Do you have a find or link?

The Cat -- sounds like you have quite the purple capsule. Do you wear it seasonally or year round? What kinds of moods do you find suitably expressed when you wear this color?

JMWolf -- Will post an update and evaluation upon receipt of the Amazon box.

It's late.... zzzzz. Have a happy Easter Sunday everyone!

I have no lilac - and I think only purple in gear ( a puffer and in a patterned gym tee). I love purple in the garden and think some shades of it would work. Open to trying it especially in an unexpected way - eg shoes, beanie, modern top.

Denise, the AE belt you could do small or medium I think. It's a lovely color but the western hardware does make it a bit bulky -- so you wouldn't want to drape anything over it.

Also, I just noticed that WHBM has a collection with a lot of lilac and lavender pieces.

Denise, I have the AEO belt and wore it yesterday for the first time. It is lovely but the metal pieces are a little bulky, It is perfect for jeans. For that price, i wouldn't hesitate though. I find it TTS - mine is XS which is the size I normally wear in belts.
The three BR tops I was waiting for arrived yesterday and are all keepers, so my collection is growing. Since you prefer pink-ier lilac, the sweater and the Tencel top might work for you. The striped shirt is more of blue-toned lavender.
I wore a tonal all lilac outfit to work yesterday, and will post a photo alter ion the day.
I have seen some of the WHBM lilac collection, and they have some gorgeous dresses I will be checking out, but also other pieces. Most of these pieces are in warmer lilac, so they all might be worth of a look for you.

Hi Ms CocoLion -- so good to see you and you've brought us all a gorgeous thread to boot!

I did not need to know about Amazon's wardrobe thing-y, though.

You know I'll have to root for those warmer purples on you. Great way to offset the grey that's still hanging around and bringing you down. [Why is it the pieces we love have a shorter shelf life than ones we don't?]

The part of my closet that isn't blue is purple, though mostly in the medium to deeper shades as that's what suits me.

As my harder-to-find Blush and Bashful shades are all over that's where I've had to put my budget for pales...though you all are sure tempting me to add a scarf/bag etc!

Keep those lovely red-violet shades coming, please!

Vix -- do you think the Pantone color of the year Ultra Violet is your shade? It makes me think of you. I like the lighter varieties of this color for Spring. LOL about Amazon Prime Wardrobe...

Tanya/Ummlila -- Off to check out the WHBM collection!

I like these two purple items from WHBM. The top is a similar color to the "The Great" one I have with the distressed neckline. I think I'm going to keep the pieces in my cart and wait till my huge Amazon haul comes in.

Does anyone have experience with these black slim jeans? I wear black bottoms for work and go through many pairs.

... And -- not in purple, but I saw this dress and am IN LOVE!!!!

Awwww, and I thought of you when I saw all the coral-y and warm green shades around!

I've only seen UV on the Pantone website vs looking straight at the chip. My initial thought is that it's probably too bright (saturated) for me but who knows...luckily there are lots of interpretations of the color as you can see here, ha!


This was my big UV-esque purchase this spring -- it's right on the edge of being too intense for me but I love it... [Try-on K/R photos]

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we cross-posted -- you NEED that green/blue/saffron print dress #enabler

Denise, no poison eye at all! Just prefer other colours. This is "my Lilac" - new Spring & Summer refresh

Vix -- I know, right?? But I really should stop shopping until the giant Amazon arrives!

Angie -- I'm so relieved that you have your own lilac refresh! Because I haven't been on the forum recently, I was concerned that lilac was not meeting with forum approval. It could be that this color won't last. Sometimes when I try trend colors a year or two later it all has to go. Brightly colored jeans in highlighter yellow, I'm looking at you...

Denise, I am the first one to say that even if lilac is considered very un-fashion forward in couple of years, I will still keep wearing it.

Removing duplicate post.

I noticed this fab look on an eBay commercial that's currently running. It's a lot of lilac, a real statement for sure!

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Denise, many of my clients like lilac. It's popular, and I love shades of light purple on them - (I prefer the more saturated pastel lilacs personally). And lilac is very popular on our forum. Tanya, is our Queen Lilac, and Inge our Princess. YOU look beautiful in lilac I bet. I'm more of a blush pink gal.....

CocoLion, I wear purple year round. Prefer the light and clear ones in spring and summer, and the darker ones in fall and winter. I don't wear my purples to reflect any particular mood, though I will say that the light and clear ones look happy, and the dark ones more serious and solemn. I associate most purples with poetry, creativity and reflection.

I love lilac. I’m afraid it doesn’t love me back. So I got a Target top to satisfy the craving... but I can’t find a pic of it online. I’m wondering if maybe shoes would be a good way to bring some lilac in...

Great selection. I think this colour is looking really fresh. It’s a long time since it’s been around. I am open to it but I will have to be careful as I don’t think it’s a great colour near my face. But, as Diana says, it sure is pretty!

This is the only lilac in my wardrobe. They’re reflective fabric and someone compliments them EVERY time I wear them. My husband calls them my Easter shoes.

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