I'm including Lavender and other pale to mid-range purples. It might be a bit cool for my complexion but Spring tones make me happy (and they are BTB 'better than black,' O_o).

This is my Spring purple capsule so far.
Purchased and keeping:

  • Clare V bag
  • Steven slides
  • H&M sweater (soft and nicer looking than you'd think)
  • The Great U neck tee
  • H&M hooded sweatshirt
On the way:
  • Acne belt
On the way
Experiment -- Amazon Prime Wardrobe

You can purchase up to 8 items with a value up to $1000. Then you have 7 days to try everything on before they charge your card. So your money isn't tied up with returns like it is everywhere else. This is what I've ordered. The shipment is expected in 4-6 business days, so not as fast as usual Prime shipping or Shopbop.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe items:

  • Laundry Ruffle sleeve dress
  • Mara Hoffman print dress
  • Kenneth Cole ruffle heeled sandal
  • Nine West heeled sandal
  • Wilt ruffle tee
  • Lucky print tee
  • Natori plunge bra (why not)
  • Puma sneakers

It's going to be fun to try this out. I would love to get a dress and a pair of heels to wear to my Mom's upcoming 85th birthday.

Anyone else try purples this Spring? And has anyone else tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe?