Throughout 2018, I was keeping hair boredom at bay by dyeing it red. I let that go while my husband was out of work, not wanting to justify the cost of upkeep during that time. it's still fading/and growing out.

Now that he's working again it's time to address my hair. I loved the red color but am not sure I want to go back to it. Red is the hardest color to keep in your hair. I was washing my hair less as a result, but I tend to have oily hair and dry shampoo only helps so much. I think my hair (color aside) looks best when it's freshly washed and kind of wavy.

If you were me, what would you do now? I will say upfront that I won't cut bangs or go too short, as I think neither would look great on me and I like having enough hair that there is some movement to it. I also can't style my hair for the life of me, which is why I usually just get this mildly layered cut that looks fine if I wash and go. You see why it's so hard for me to decide on any changes, with all these restrictions, but someone here may know more about hair than me and have a suggestion.

I have fewer restrictions as to color. So maybe same cut but add highlights? I have some silvery hairs here and there, but I don't care about covering them up for the sake of covering them up. The hair color would be more about fun and changing up my look. My husband suggested a colored streak, but that seems like a lot of upkeep?

Photos below. This was a dry shampoo day so my hair is not as wavy as it is on freshly washed days.

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