Squee! Christina! I LOVE IT!

Look at you! Movement, waves and a side part - looks easy and pretty

I love it - beautiful! That is what I have been aiming for with my grow out attempts, but mine is too fine thin and flat. Your hair look thick shiny and has the perfect wave.

That looks A-MAZ-ING! I’m so impressed and happy for you xx

Lovely! This really works for you.

Really cute! Amazing how a good cut elevates even a simple look!

Thank you all! I am still getting used to it but am overall very pleased.

Wow, I should wear earrings more. Too bad costume jewelry bothers my ears, so not every day....

Thanks, suntiger, I appreciate it!

Your new haircut looks terrific!

You have a gorgeous wavy hair-love the new cut!!!

Thanks JAileen, bonnie and lyn! I'm loving it. People are stopping me in the office to tell me they like it, too.

Someone also told me I have the best outfits. A lot of the credit goes to the folks here

I love it, you look so good!

Ker ching!Good hair and good outfits.Our work here is done.

Fantastic! Love it, Christina.

That's about the length I went too. It takes a bit of getting used to but I'm liking it and I find it actually takes less time to style now.

Night and day, truly tv show makeover quality, except better.