I too love both renditions, with an extra soft spot for the first one because of the light blue scarf. So flattering on you, Denise! Fab how the pale blue works so well with the light wash of your jeans.
The cognac footwear in both outfits adds that extra je-ne-sais-quoi. I'm taking notes!

Very smart. You wear this look so naturally. I like the blue scarf one best... because I have a blue scarf

Woa Denise! So super cool - love both outfits - and love the touch of warm color (cognac) with them. You look gorgeous in that color of blue - it's my favorite of the two outfits - could be because that shade of blue is one of my favorite colors - but regardless, you look beautiful!

Such fab outfits. Love the colour combo on you and this is a great silhouette. As with many of your outfits, this is being favourited with a view to copying;)

I would not have thought how Fab grey and cognac could be together- must try myself!

Beautiful Denise!

I think you wore the 2nd outfit on the cruise? The relative brightness of it seems perfect for a slightly chilly seaside day but from the my perspective of deep winter (think snow) the first outfit looks like what's coming next, early spring, soft and refreshing. You look lovely.

Denise. they are both great but I am seriously in love with #1. Light grey, white, light blue and cognac instead of black - it was inspired rendition of Angie's ensemble.
You need to wear this shade of light blue more often - you look stunning in it!