This followed me home today in the black/white color. I liked it because it is fun and a bit unlike any of my other winter sweaters, and it was marked down to less than half price at Nordstrom It's a cropped style but a good length on me. The sleeves are very long but look just fine folded up. The shoulders are a bit poufy but that's a good look for me. Will try it on and think about it some more.

The only one shown on Nordstrom's site is the orange one, but I found the b/w one on The reviews are mixed. A few said it was scratchy, a few said not, it did not feel scratchy to me with a layer under it. I can't imagine wearing a sweater in winter with such an open neckline, that would make me seriously cold, so I plan to wear a black turtleneck under it. The SE said that this sweater was moving over to NordstromRack in the immediate future.