Angie, thank you so much. I've a couple of days work in a university towards the end of the month, and my BR jacket is going to come with me then.

Special thanx for added visuals-please show us more of these!!! BTW, amazing dress and sandals! In awe!!!:-))

That is SUCH a pretty summer dress! Great find, and the drape and the stripes on that double belt is such a cool detail.

What a great dress, it looks so great on so many of you! I walked by a Club Monaco store recently and that dress was on a mannequin right near the door. I walked in to look at the dress more closely and had the oddest sensation that Angie was standing there in the dress! Yes I know Angie is NOT a mannequin :-). Gave me a good laugh.

Very fab dress and perfect fit for you.
I would be very tempted to try it especially since belt is separate, but I project some fit and footwear issues for me. If I had access to B& M store I’d give it a bash!

Chiming back in to mention how gorgeous Jane looks in the dress.