Great dress Angie. You will rock the Amalfi.

An excellent dress! I like the sandals also. I have been wearing my Shelly’s and I still love them. They always get complements. I shy away from stripes, but really, if it’s a dress, I can wear stripes, I just don’t like high contrast horizontal stripes on shirts.

Gorgeous on you! I wish I had a CM store near me, I’d try it. I’ve already tried several striped dresses but even though some fit and flatter, I just can’t do stripes, yet. I won’t give up because I love the look on others.

So fantastic on you Angie - such a great fit and love the length and drape and the sandals. Very glad you are having a wonderful dress season!

Love this on you. You have found your dresses this summer.

What a lovely stripy number and you ve got your toes out!It must be hot.

Thanks for the awfully kind words, ladies.

Jane, hope the dress works for you too.

Mirjana, you are sooooo lovely.

Liesbeth, good question. I wear fitted sheaths well - like button down shirts. Slam dunk for my body type. But for no logical reason at all, and purely an emotional one - I'm not feeling those silhouettes on this leg of my style journey. Want more pretty, some movement, romance, swoosh and flounce.

Mainelady, super cute striped dress. I hope we see it on.

Chris, YES. LOVE Naturalizer footwear. High five.

Staysfit, you can wear the Shellys for me.

Collette, I can wear the stripes for you.

Tex and Delurked, YES. I’m having the BEST dress season. At blasted last….

Cardiff girl, toes aren't out yet. I was modeling the sandals for fit

Chiming in from the Netherlands -ooooh those sandals love !

That dress is gorgeous on you.

You are rocking the dress scene. I have a trip too coming up in a few weeks on the coast, Roda, Spain. My DH and I will be staying in a friends villa while he attends some classes there. Have been also loading up on the resort wear.

Perfect on you Angie . Glad you are having such fun with dresses this year!

1 word..."KILLER" on you!!

You look great in this, Angie! The fit looks spot on, and the length works well. I'm happy that you're finding so many excellent dresses after having to wait so long.

So beautiful and perfect on you Angie. It looks well designed and well made. Thanks for sharing.

I jumped on it based on this recommendation. On the one hand, it seems expensive for something that doesn’t really look unusual or special. BUT on the other hand I have been looking for a basic washable dress in midi length with asymmetric hem, and haven’t been able to find one that was just right. All the others have been cheap material or too see through or something. This one has heft.

Thanks for the awfully kind words, ladies. I am SOOO THRILLED with the AMAZING dress season. AT LAST.

Jessikams, I think my dress is special The quality, fit and fabric are sublime. Glad it worked for you too.

So this is the dress! It is lovely lovely quality. I didn’t have the right underwear on. I need to have a good try on at home.

I’m excited to see if it is a keeper...comments are very welcome.

An absolutely fab recommendation Angie! Thank you for sharing.

Angie. Fab dress. Love the hem and the belt. Your totally right—it’s a dress year, here’s hoping these lengths & fits stay around a while.
Jane-from what I can see, dress looks fab on you as well.

Jane, from what I can make out from the pics - KLLER. And so is your ginger bob.

kkards, thank you. From your mouth into the ears of the fashion angels.

Gorgeous! Three cheers for not-a-sheath/not-a-sack dresses!

So funny Angie - I was JUST looking at this dress in store and I also thought it was beautifully made! Do you think it would work on a short pear ? I'm afraid that it would cling to my hips and belly.

La Ped, EXACTLY. You get me.

Roxanna, isn't is beautiful. TRY IT. It will work well for your body type.

Thanks Angie! Do you think a size small or medium? I usually do a small as I am small up top (30" ribcage) but I'm wondering if bigger might beer better on the bottom...I might try to order it online since it's 20% of today and give it a go.

Beautiful dress on you, Angie. I like how you tied the belt. Waist defining but also gives vertical integrity.

Lovely dress on you. It’s so nice to see the longer lengths in the stores.

Thanks Joy & Aquamarine. SOOOO with you on milking this length while we have it.

Roxanna, can you order both sizes? I wear a BR and J.Crew 0 or 00, an AT 00 and a Loft 00 - the XS at Club Monaco fit perfectly, if that info helps.

Thank you Angie! That was helpful. I've ordered and will let you know what size I keep, if any.

I am so pleased with this dress! DH likes very much and he actually didn't think he was going to. I wore yesterday and it was perfect. They aren't entirely perfect photos but hopefully good enough.

Roxanna, I hope that you find this good for you too! I tried on the S but it was too big in the shoulders, the XS is a better fit for me. That said, it does need smooth lines beneath. Anyway, it is fab!

Jane, a very biased KILLER to the POWER of KILLER. Cute sneaks, and I LOVE the bling and straw bag. This is my version of your outfit :