I didn't have time to post yesterday!

Anyway, some background: I work in an office, usually 5 days a week. It's an environmental organization, so everyone is casual unless they have a role that's high up or faces outside the organization. Mine is neither, though I work in fundraising. My style of dress is polished casual, or at least I aim for that. This makes me more dressy than some colleagues, but less so than others. Since I am in fundraising, and my colleagues are mostly women by a wide margin, including my whole team currently. I have no gender power dynamics to worry about at work, but since I started in this career late, I am 5-10 older than many of my colleagues, including my own boss! Most of them can't believe when they first hear me say I'm almost 40 (with a PhD), anyway!

I am married, two cats, no kids. Home life is about loungewear because I'm allergic to my cats and don't want their dander on the clothes I wear out. It's also just my preference.

Other things: I live in NYC. I walk a lot, even on my commute, as I choose for more walking over a harder subway transfer underground that would get me closer to work. Plus, I like to walk. That said, a back and hip injury has limited my shoe choices for walking outside. I will often choose shoes based on that, though occasionally I will switch to flats at work. This week, the hip is acting up since I wore less cushioned shoes last week, so I've been wearing my trusty Born Chelsea boots until that pain subsides.

Day 1, Monday: I couldn't start a me challenge without a bright color and stripes! I love red, and worked hard to find some true red (not orange) knitwear this year. Also, though bootcuts are coming back, I don't see them on as many people, even in the city, but I love them. This is a BR sweater, Wit & Wisdom jeans, and the Born boots. The necklace is my favorite for wearing with knitwear.

Day 2, Tuesday: I am currently at home waiting for IT to transfer my work files to a new laptop, but will go in eventually. This J Crew "French Hen" sweater is one of my favorite pieces of all time. I have moved a little away from cute animal motifs, but not completely! The hen I also a visual pun because she's wearing a beret, which makes her French. I studied Shakespeare in grad school, so you can bet I'm enamored of puns of all kinds. I added a detail pic so you could see the hen and one of my more delicate necklaces (a look I usually prefer to chunky ones). The olive skinnies are pretty standard for me, and play well with all the colors in the sweater. Born boots again.

NB: One thing that hasn't been part of my look lately is makeup. I don't leave enough time for it, usually, but I kind of feel that it means that I'm juuust missing the boat on being polished. On the other hand, women shouldn't need makeup, dammit! Because patriarchy. I'm still wrestling with figuring out my preferences here-whether it’s really about time or something else. I still wear makeup for going out.

ETA - Day 3. You may not have seen this look a lot from me, because it hasn’t been cold enough to layer a blazer under my puffer. Today happened to be cold enough. I do love blazer, tee, jeans and sneakers as an outfit formula, even if I can’t always use it. I am having allergy shots later, so I needed to be layered. The necklace is one my husband gave me. Oh, and I snuck more stripes in there.

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