I have found everybody's explanations of how their lifestyle/situation plays into their style so interesting, so I'll share mine: I work from home as a freelance writer (note the writing chair and house shoes in the background of the photo). As a result, I need what I wear to be comfortable -- my sweatpants are approximately 20 feet away at any given time, and no one will know if I put them on. For the sake of my mental health and productivity I need to get dressed in real clothes each day. But I also need simple, reliable outfit formulas so that I neither burn an hour playing in my closet while on deadline, nor am I tempted to just throw my hands up and forget it (see above re: sweatpants). On the plus side I don't have coworkers to look at me funny so I can indulge my creativity with my outfits. I don't have a commute to contend with, but I do run cold, so my outfit formulas must take that into account.

Today's outfit has so many "me" elements!
-Cognac riding boots, check
-Skinny jeans, check
-Tunic-length top, check
-Vintage jewelry incl. heirloom rings, check
-Fair isle, check
-Cardig-- **record scratch**

Cardigans will always be my first and enduring love, but this year I've been adding some pullovers to my wardrobe. Partly just to switch things up, partly for a simpler fallback outfit formula, and partly because I find tops so hard to shop for (so I have tons of cardigans but nothing to wear them with)!

I spent several years avoiding pullovers entirely because I found them unflattering -- I have a short torso with a small bust, wide ribcage, and no defined waist, and often I just feel like I look blocky in pullovers. However, I think I have worked out that I can wear:
-Tunic-length pullovers that lengthen the torso and create my favored long-over-lean silhouette
-Shorter pullovers that are somewhat deliberately boxy/swingy etc., and without a welted hem

This is the first outing for this sweater. At first, I wasn't so sure about it. But I think my eye has adjusted as the day has gone on and it is just fine, or at least JFE. You all can tell me if I'm fooling myself.

Initially I layered the sweater over my white tuxedo tunic, but I did not feel like me, I felt like Hermione Granger. I like it much better over this plum silk tunic. One of the pitfalls of my style is that I like preppy pieces, but I need to wear them in a non-preppy way: I am more girl-on-the-moors than coed-on-the-quad iykwim.

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