Suz! Chic and breezy and lovely.

Just warning you, Tanya is probably driving north at this point, ready to mug you in your driveway and take your kitty blouse. You probably have about 12 hour leeway from when you first posted and when she leaves the DC area.

Hahaha, Lisa -- thanks for protecting me. But she already has this blouse!!

We're actually forum quadruplets (at least).

Diana first pointed it out to me -- and bought one for herself.
Tanya and Aida also jumped aboard.

Meanwhile, Tanya, MSMary, Rae and I all own another kitty blouse!

The amazing thing is that both these blouses look great on all of us, despite different hair and skin tones and differing personal style!

Such a cute blouse- Love!

He he Lisa, you are too funny! I would have certainly been acting out that scenario if I already weren't a lucky owner of the same blouse.

What wrinkles? I see your beautiful eyes & smile & your HAIR!!!! You are looking good Suz

Aww, thanks, Caro. Miss you!

Yes, while you were busy I chopped off all the blonde and have gone silver. There are still bits of brass hanging around the top, but a few cuts should finish that off.

Another fantastic outfit. I wore my skimmer jeans today too (mine are light blue, though, not white). The shirt and vest look great together.

And yay for showing your wrinkles! Wrinkles add character!

Amazing and beautiful, especially your face and hair. The vest adds that touch of blue that shows off your sparkling eyes.

Miss you too Suz. Maybe your hair provides the drama/edge you were looking for.

Beautiful inside and out my dear Suz! You have a beautiful face and I have decided wrinkles are in fact a privilege and actually make a woman's (and a man's for that matter) more attractive:). Nice outfit too:)

Suz I feel like a broken record but you shine. Truly you do.

I have always loved that kitty blouse on you, and you look as beautiful as ever!

Suz, you're beautiful. No wrinkles, just crinkles from smiling so much : ) : )

It's late and I'm pooped but there's something I really like about this. Maybe a bit whimsical or playful? Plus the color scheme couldn't be more perfect for you. Lots of repeats along these lines please!

I like your version of double denim, Suz, and you look lovely as always.