Hi everyone!

I'm not sure where I came across YLF but I have been inspired over the past few months looking at the blog posts and have decided to join the forum. I have been perusing fashion sites for a few years since my husband and I have retired early and my wardrobe is in flux.

My problem with my wardrobe is laid out thus:

1. We retired early (early 40's) and now live a much more casual lifestyle than we used to.
2. We live in an RV and travel all year, so I have a limited closet space to work with.
3. I had a lot of clothing for a very professional wardrobe during my working life, much of which doesn't see much use anymore.
 3a. I can see that I am not giving myself permission to wear the most beautiful and beloved items that I've kept, because of some strange not-deserving-it reason. That's the thing I'm working on the most and have been having limited but notable success at.
4. I have been losing weight steadily over the past 3 years, so a lot of my most beautiful professional wardrobe holdovers are fitting again, and my more frumptastic stuff is baggy.
5. I am an author, so I suppose I do have part-time work, on my own schedule. The thing is, I sit or stand at my standing desk on the computer while I'm writing, of course, so I need to be über-comfortable or my creative mind won't work.
 5a. I need to combine that need with my vanity's need to be well-turned out and presentable. I don't want to be sloppy during my home life. I don't want my husband to see me as a bag lady who turns into a nicely-dressed woman for just a few hours a day!
6. I also run hot, so I feel like I'm changing all the time, from lounge clothing in the AM to shorts and t-shirt hiking apparel or yoga clothing, to 'nice' clothing to just run out and purchase groceries, then back to more lounge clothing when I return home.
7. Winter is easier, as trousers seem to be more dressy no matter what. However, summer weather (which we travel in for about 9 months out of the year usually) is more difficult. Shorts look casual no matter what. How do you make your summery active outfits more put-together?

What I've been doing so far to combat this:

1. I've been giving myself permission to wear my beautiful clothing. I've got so many jackets and coats! I consider coats as my obsession rather than shoes, although I like shoes as well.
2. I've been slowly purchasing better looking sport clothing so that if we run errands after hiking I don't feel like a complete hobo. My downfall is shorts. I have a looonnnggg torso and an hourglass shape. Shorts don't always look great on me. I got a pair of black and a pair of light grey knee-length shorts that I really like, but they're too hot for me to hike in.
3. I'm really working on getting rid of clothing that's cheaply made/damaged in any way/doesn't fit/doesn't fit in with my lifestyle. As an example, I picked up some tank tops from Target a few years ago and they are sadly cheap, after a few washes they started to develop micro-holes. I'm having a difficult time not keeping them and wearing them around the RV. The thing is, I'm very frugal and I don't like to necessarily admit that they were a waste of money. Basically I have a tendency to wear things past their donate-by date! This is a work in progress. I've placed Marie Kondo's book on hold from the library for my Kindle, so I'm hoping for some more inspiration on that point.

Does anyone have any work-from-home strategies or summer casual yet unsloppy outfits?