It sounds to me like you really need to get some skirts - basic pencil skirts in natural stretchy fabrics. They keep you very cool, cooler than shorts ( that breeze up your legs is the best thing in summer), look good even if they were insanely cheap and can go from hiking to looking polished when shopping at a nice store. I live in Australia and my 8-month summer wardrobe is pretty much stretchy pencil skirts, both for a professional office and for doing housework. Sometimes it's the same skirt - when it's been demoted, of course. Top then with a longish T-shirt and it's done. I also run hot and can only bear to wear trousers of any kind for about 4 months of the year. After that, I feel as if I cannot breathe and am about to choke if I put on a pair of trousers. So I don't feel like I have much choice in the matter. Dresses are even better as you can get a breeze not just up you legs, but up the stomach as well - however they are not as versatile. I am in the habit of demoting all loose dresses to house wear after a while and they can look amazingly nice and put-together while just lounging around.

I always think tucked, starched/no iron, button down shirts for the classy casual look. Short sleeved for hot weather. Long for colder temps. I like thin cotton button downs. You can layer that way and they don't have that heavy look.

Lots of great advice already - so I thought I'd just say Hello and repeat the idea to wear your nice things now, don't save them until they go out of style! Also, I would guess an RV would require a paired down wardrobe full of nothing but favorites in your usual categories such as lounge, everyday, active, and festive/dressy. I finally (after several years on YLF) started investing in higher end jeans and tees/knits since they are the backbone of my wardrobe.

Well, hello there! Prior to YLF, my wardrobe consisted of dressy for work and jeans and t-shirts for cleaning the house and working in the garden. Then there was the sports gear...but that is another story.

DH and I had started doing a lot of travelling, when I started following YLF and putting together mix and match capsules for a month (that would fit into a carry on) meant investing in types of clothing I didn't even own. Now, my travel style is where I am most successful, and this has also become my weekend style.

A comfortable Jean, corduroy, or pointe pant and a Breton-T or turtleneck topped with a leather or Jean style jacket is my formula. I'll throw in a stretchy pencil skirt for special occaisions. Trending shapes and colours, and interesting footwear and accessories keep these easy, comfortable outfits looking fresh and current

Your velvet Boden trousers and stripped T sounds spot on.

I don't know what to add, except to say that I think you've been given a lot of great advice.

Hi Ginger! I just started a very similar thread! Hubby and I are in our early 50s, not yet retired but we just paid our last college tuition bill so we're essentially empty nesters. We just moved to a new neighborhood that has a totally different fashion aesthetic -- much more casual. Like you, I'm trying to figure it out, and like you, I'm also more "ladylike" in that I much prefer to dress up rather than down.

Comfort is always key regardless, and also like you, I work from home. My job is 50% travel so when not WFH I am on a plane traveling. Quite the wardrobe challenge!

While I'm still figuring this out myself, I can suggest:

1. Ponte knit pants. Stretchy and comfy just like leggings but with 5 pocket styling so a bit more dressy.
2. EF skirted leggings. I'm living in them lately. These seem to strike the right note I am hoping to achieve.
3. Dresses. Casual dresses. Not just for summer either. Dresses paired with fleece tights work for winter too.
4. Fashion backpack - for sure. I am also in the market for a cross body that's a little more casual.

I like Athleta and I think that would totally fit the bill for my needs, unfortunately, I need petites and mostly all they offer in that regard are pants, not dresses or tunics or tops. That is my nemesis and why I generally steer clear of gear: gear and other casual clothes tend to not be offered in petites. Nothing says "sloppy" more than an item of clothing that doesn't fit quite right. Grrr.

Suz, thank you for all your continuing excellent advice. I'm on the search for a new handbag/backpack.

I have a few cashmere sweaters in my closet that I haven't yet worn this year. I'm going to break out my grey cashmere turtleneck this evening.

I'm giving a presentation at a writer's group in the second week of January and I'm already excited about what I'm going to wear, haha.

, I love your outfits. They would work well for me for the bridge season between mild winter and hot summer. I have two pairs of longer shorts, and some light linen and cotton jackets that I can try that look out with. Your footwear and accessories lift the outfits and make them much more classic.

Brooklyn, shorts are my fashion nemesis! Hi over there in in Australia.

Hi Dakotacheryl, I agree. Not that I have a dog right now, but the temptation is there to get into grubby clothing. I end up unhappy when I wear that type of clothing. Yesterday I purged two bags of old/baggy/unflattering clothing that I don't need anymore. It made my closets much more workable. Plus, now I don't have clothing I dislike hanging around waiting for me to wear it!!

TraceyLiz65, wow, you should do it if you want to!! I love traveling. In an RV you get to live in dozens of hometowns and change your hometown whenever you desire.

I will be photographing some of my outfits soon and posting them.

Angie, I did well on my homework!

Anne, thank you! Suz's, CocoLion's and La Pedestrienne's advice in this thread helped me make some immediate changes!!

Kookaburra, I agree. I am going to shop in the new year specifically for summer-weight skirts. I love how you are wearing them around the house after demotion. I hope they don't get their feelings hurt when they are demoted.

Rachylou, I love button-down shirts! They always look crisp, even in wilting-hot weather. I have a problem with finding shirts that fit well, because they're either too small for my bustline or gaping out at the waist, so I've actually been considering purchasing one or two shirts that fit my bustline and making some darts in the back to bring in the waist. My sewing skills are mediocre, though, so I may want to bring them to a seamstress.

texstyle, I definitely agree. I only want to keep what I love, I have no luxury of space to keep old/unflattering clothing around!

Runcaria, you're right about the capsule dressing. I have gotten a lot of advice to think in terms of capsule dressing, and I think it's really what I have to do for my entire wardrobe. There's no space in my closets for mistakes is what I'm finding.

bettycrocker, I AGREE!

Hi shiny, I am going to read your thread right now! I love being happy with what I wear. I'm finding that since I'm not happy with my clothing that I'm spending more time thinking about it than if I were happy. I want to have a workable wardrobe that I don't have to put constant effort into.

That's too bad Athleta isn't offering enough petites for you. I usually need talls in tops and dresses, and they have quite a good selection. I've also found that their clothing is of good quality and lasts a long time. I had some yoga pants from Athleta that I wore at least 2 times a week for practice that lasted for years.

I need a new, stylish handbag. Since I have prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, it's rare that I don't carry a bag anymore. That's my next purchase. I will also be donating the ones I don't use since I just have no space for 'maybe' articles of clothing anymore.

Also, I'm going to be wearing more dresses. I laid out all my dresses on my bed yesterday. I have one casual Boden blue-pattern tunic dress, one pink shirtdress from Land's End, one Anne Klein brown dotted fancy dress, another Anne Klein brown not-quite-as fancy dress, and one black wool wrap dress from Athleta. That's it. These are all beautiful dresses that I would love to wear more and the fact that they're hanging (literally) around in the closet is ridiculous! I used to wear them a lot for work but not anymore. Real life is more important than work so I should wear a dress if I so desire! Since my husband and I are taking dancing lessons lately, our intention is to go out dancing in the evening so I can perhaps put those fancier dresses to good use.

Thank you all again, so much, for all your advice and encouragement. Thanks to you I've taken out all the clothing that doesn't suit me or make me happy, and I'm going to work with what I have left. I want to look nice all the time from now on, even just hanging out.

I don't have anything specific to add other than I have LOVED seeing the advice from others. Terrific!!

Ginger Tea, thanks for sharing your journey and starting this very useful thread. You've got some of the best minds/eyes on the forum working for you.

And good job on your homework: that stuff is really hard!