I have been diligently tracking my wears since January. I only missed one day, and as much as I try, I cannot recall what I wore. No one took any pics of me on their cell phone that day either! ——However, as I was reviewing my tracking, I noticed something missing. Where were all my grey cashmere sweaters?! I hadn’t used any of them! Strange since it’s winter here! I flipped through a few times and confirmed that I hadn’t put one on. Then I went to my closet. I looked for them on my shelf. Gone! Vanished! I had a moment of fear and panic. Where could a stack of grey cashmere sweaters go? I started to hunt. I eventually found them. They were hidden in a closet in a remote section of my house. I have no clue how they ended up there??! So, I have gone almost the entire winter without wearing these sweaters. (If you know me, I have a lot of cashmere, and grey is a good color for me because of my hair and eyes, so there are lots of them.....).

Maybe I will leave them in my closet so they are ready for next winter!

Do you have any embarrassing closet moments?