No advice from me, just wanted to say that I love the shopping stories. You find great things everywhere!

Hi, Lisa, I'm reporting in as another person who buys denim jackets and never wears them--like you, it's a length thing on me, they hit in the wrong place and turn my short hourglass body into a box.

I like the look of denim jackets over tunics the way you've styled this one. Your rendition looks good and is totally wearable, though I think if the jacket were more faded or distressed, as well as shorter, it would be perfection. Honestly, your fab haircut, pretty face, and expert makeup skills push any look up a notch so you can do lots of experimenting and carry off the result with great success.

After Angie's post today, and my success cropping and fraying an old pair of jeans over the weekend, I'm considering lopping some length off my jeans jacket. I'm getting a little scissor happy here. Curtains, beware!

I haven't read all the responses yet, so I may be repeating someone here, but first of all, I think you look great, and second of all, I think that a denim jacket can work for you, but maybe not this particular denim jacket with this particular outfit. I think this jacket looks a little too pristine for the outfit -- something more faded or with some more distinctive detail would make this look more "you" at least to my eye. As it is now, the jacket sort of blends in with the top. But the silhouette is nice.

That said, I understand about denim jackets. I've found my white one to be the most useful one I own, because it becomes almost a default summer grab-and-go topper for when I think I might encounter a cool evening or arctic AC. Something about the shape of that jacket works well for me -- it's a bit fitted, so it looks good unbuttoned (I can't remember when I last wore it buttoned). I also have a faded/slightly distressed blue jacket from Mavi that I bought 5 years ago (pic 3 looks like it may be the same one) -- I don't wear it as often as I used to, but I find it useful from time to time, especially when traveling, because I can layer under and over it and it's soft and pretty lightweight. I like denim jackets to not be too stiff or bulky.

I also have the same one by Paige that Angie has, the blue denim with the black sleeves, and another by Paige that is grey but with black leather patches on the sleeves. A couple of years ago I bought a red one (why? me and red!), but never wear it so it is now in my sell pile.

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I love denim jackets for dressing down everything. Your layering here looks fab to my eyes but you need a lighter grey or blue or white denim jacket with lots of fading/rips/mix media. Than you are all sorted!!!

Funny, this denim jacket thing isn't it. I feel I should have one, but also don't wear it often. I have a white one that I grab frequently in the summer, but not so much the blue one... never thought to analyze why :). I do find them hard to buy - my current one is a Gap, which fits well, and isn't stiff feeling, which I like.

I think this outfit could do with more contrast between the tunic and the jacket... the two blend too much.

Totally LOLing over your shopping stories.

I am totally with you. Hadn't owned a jean jacket since high school - felt a bit Gap-in-the-90's to me (same reason I stay away from chinos.) But last year, with everyone saying they were so great, I went and got one from the Gap because I didn't think a jean jacket should cost that much. BAD IDEA. It was boxy and the wrong wash and not distressed at all and just looked so boring and normal on me. And stiff and not comfortable at all.

Then I saw the perfect denim jacket on a colleague and realized that the issue was the CUT (I need a more fitted, cropped jacket bc I like to wear it over longer layers and dresses), and I needed a cooler colour and some more distressing. I searched high and low and found the perfect one for me at Anthro. It was a fortune for a jean jacket ($160! come on!) but I love it and wear it all the time now, and get compliments.

I feel the same way about this one - it looks good on you, but just isn't edgy enough for your style. Leather may feel a but too last year...maybe some good distressing or some of the styles Una suggested?

Ah, see, now this is the kind of post i have trouble with because I love this outfit and would wear it as is, and I love it on you! Although my jean jacket is a tad lighter and also cut differently - shorter and with a much shorter back, which makes it fall differently I think. It's not really edgy but it is different enough to be other than classic.

Anyway I realize this is not about me.

I do think maybe an edgier jacket would be MORE you, but I have to say I think you look great here. There is an ease to this look that I adore. It's a great Saturday look. And if you want to change up the cropped leggings, why not your Kit and Ace pants? I think those little cuffed flares always add unexpected interest.

Love the eyes too - must read up on this tight lining thing, especially since I already own the LM liner Angie posted!

I love my Pilcro jean jacket from Anthro because it's not too polished and can be "read" as casual and doesn't feel like I'm trying too hard. My daughter loved mine so much, she kept borrowing it so I had to get myself another one! Love those mules on you.

Another topic but related is this--I get tired of needing to wear a jacket, period. But I'm of that age when I don't feel comfortable revealing the whole enchilada, the whole arm, and I do work out. But aging is, well, aging; sagging is sagging. I love my short sleeved tops but when I go out, on goes a jacket. Or I switch to a top with sleeves.

just saying, such a shame to cover up our cute short sleeved tops!

I think this outfit looks pretty darn good on you, but maybe I would try the same outfit with different pants just to see. I'm not a big fan of leggings though so I'm biased against them. Love the eye makeup, shoes, and jewelry.

Denim jackets are tough to me mainly because of the stiff feeling but also I think because of the slightly boyish (Levi's trucker jacket historically) styling. I had a big oversized one I wore back in the 80's before I knew how to style anything. I'd likely wear my more fitted ones more often now if they felt truly comfortable. As it is I have a dark denim and a white and really never wear either of them. They are in great shape and excellent quality so I hang on to them "just in case." I think I'd much prefer to have a lightweight sweatshirt arm version for my everyday casual wear. I've tried a faded, distressed version, but it didn't make me feel great so I returned it way back. I've also tried a blazer (very 70's) and another more utility style chambray jacket (very Chicos) - neither of those made the cut for more than a couple of wears.

So, maybe it's not a good idea to pursue any more denim jackets for either of us?

Thanks everyone for chipping in with ideas and comments. It all makes a lot of sense to me now, and this is the great benefit to posting wiw's you aren't totally on board with. Cropped and more interesting would certainly be nice, but it doesn't work with my "current" body shape. Cropped hits me just above the hip and magnifies that area almost laughably (I did cringe then laugh at my rear view in the mirror) . Cropped and fitted is good with a slim hip - which I don't have at the moment. Whose body is this, anyways?

I think I was trying too hard to stick to what I was understanding to be the jacket to buy over the past many years - and not holding out for injecting my own tastes into it. Janet - your examples are perfect! I think too - when you shop in a relatively conservative market /smaller city like I do - you're not seeing different pieces available at a decent price, and start believing Gap to be the bearer of all fashion. Not.

I thought I was supposed to like these and have them , a shopping mistake I've been known to repeat. And my gosh, they are everywhere right now, these denim jackets. I'm tossing most of mine into the donate bag this morning

I still make this kind of must-have purchase mistake, so I'm right there with you.

I also have a problem with denim jackets. They just don't seem to suit me and I usually go for comfort when I need warmth, which ends up being a cardigan. I'll have to keep my eyes open and maybe I will come across one that works for me.

I am a proud card carrying member of Team Denim Jacket, and have four. (One is in the holding zone). Below are the others. They work with all my Spring and Summer outfits and I am very comfortable wearing them. A wardrobe essential for my style. Oh how we can differ with what we love to wear - GREAT! As always - you have to wear what looks and feels best for you.

I love your outfit , Lisa - and glad you got the slides to wear with the leggings. FABULOUS.

As for the wash, it's all good to my eye.

(Personally, I think a scrunch looks much better than a rolled sleeve on this type of jacket).

Angie - you look fantastic in a denim jacket ! And you are right about the scrunch - never thought of that. But you know, you have a completely different body than I - so different , in fact, that I can't really envision your looks on me. Well, I could envision, but I'd be very disappointed . I just don't get the look I want when wearing a denim jacket, and I'm not going to force the issue.

In my opinion, it's the uniform dark denim. It's so clean cut, crisp, classic, even a bit preppy. I don't even like it for myself in jeans. Some distressing, fading, etc helps a TON. I guess I feel like denim should look a bit beaten up and lived in.

Another thought: how do you feel about white denim jacket? I only have 2 denim jackets, and they are identical except for color (1 medium, distressed blue and 1 white) and I wear the white a lot more. But maybe that's more to do with the fact that I mostly wear them in summer bc I hate wearing them under coats.

ETA: I think the proportions of the outfit look great.

Not necessarily helping your question directly, but I don't do that well in short denim jackets either, except possibly with dresses, and that's not a common outfit look for me. Also I find the collar styles not that flattering for some reason, though, if one explores a lot of jackets, there will be some with non-traditional collars.
I got this tencil-denim jacket from WHBM which is more of a blazer style and nipped in a bit and works with several colors of neutral pants.
It is not distressed, though, so does not fit that part of your quest. It's not RATE, but for me it's a bit "cheekier" than a traditional blazer, so that was part of the appeal.

Diana - my all-time favourite jean jacket was a white denim from Club Monaco. I agree that they are a different look and are a good idea in summer to throw over you shoulders in an air-conditioned restaurant etc.

umfrumped - I have that jacket in my finds! It made the rounds on several blogger posts awhile ago, and in some magazines and I love the look of it. Totally me. More sophisticated. Are you wearing yours much?

lisap, I held off we've had very cool weather and I was eeking out a frew more wears with outfits using my "cold spring" capsules, and also because the jacket went on a deeper sale and I had got it with a coupon and promo that was not quite that good, so I was debating whether to go wheedle for a price adjustment, but I decided my time was more important so I decided to "shake it off" and move on !

So, I will have to give a report soon.

I am also considering changing the buttons, but I think it would be wise just to wear it some and see if the muse strikes me or not, as I can always do it later.

You look stunning, but good observation on the jacket. It is, in itself, a very fun, young jacket that could liven up a more conservative sporty outfit, such as for a golf or tennis look. But your personal style calls for something a bit more fluid, waist defining. Although it is not bad as you wore it, I understand what you are saying. Capri tights and ballerinas are your friends, no worries there. And the tunic is very flattering on you.

I'm surprised you call that a cropped jacket, Lisa. Maybe it's the angle of the camera, but the proportions look off to me and I think your outfit would look better with an even shorter, truly cropped jacket. That is my preference when layering over a tunic-length top in particular.

Agree with Angie that scrunching rather than rolling the sleeves would make a big difference.

Also agree that while dark wash jackets may be on trend right now, for you and your coloring, I'd love to see more contrast. A white denim jacket over your column of black would be perfection.

I have several jean jackets and could not live without them. It's funny to see many are saying they dislike them because they are stiff. I dislike the crisp white shirt because of stiffness, but I love love love how a denim topper adds back in structure over a flow-y top or dress!! Also if you wear them often enough, and wash them frequently, they soften up over time.

However, I did not own a denim jacket until my mid-30s or 40s! The reason? LACK OF PETITES. Then add on top of that, boxy styles (which are coming back into fashion). The look swallowed me right up. My first jean jacket was purchased in the children's department at Gap, a kid's size 14 gave me just the right scale to achieve the proper look.

I've since replaced that one with several different versions, nearly all from LOFT or Old Navy as they sell petites. I have

1. Dark wash
2. Light blue cropped
3. White
4. White cropped
5. A medium blue somewhat faded but not distressed

#1, 3, and 5 hit me right around the belly button / a pinch above where my belt would sit, not over it. If they hit on my hip they are too low and I start looking dumpy and short. The cropped versions, #2 and 4, hit a few inches above that, about where my natural waist is, which is high (right under my rib cage). I wear the cropped versions specifically with dresses and tunic length tops, but I can also and do wear the regular versions with dresses too.

The ones that get the most wear are the white ones and the medium blue. The light blue cropped gets the most use for beach trips and in summer pretty much stays packed in my beach bag. It's particularly nice for hot summer nights, as it is super light weight, and soft as can be. It was soft when I bought it but softened even more after washing it a zillion times (it gets sunscreen all over it, and sweat).

The reason I initially added them to my wardrobe? It's a fabulous way to achieve "smart business casual" at work. I do not really like to wear denim bottoms, so it was easier and more "me" to simply swap out the suit jacket or blazer with a jean jacket and call it a day. I still wear my jean jackets this way ALL THE TIME at work.

shiny - no this one isn't cropped at all. I tried on a couple of other denims I have that are definitely shorter , but I look ridiculous in them now. They emphasize my hips and butt from the back rather than flatter. Just, No. I understand exactly what you mean though about the proportions and I know you're right. I think it's why I am best with a longer jacket, period . And thanks for including pictures of yours - I am seeing how a faded blue jacket is really great on those of you who rock your denim jackets, but I think I'm done with this experiment

Just to add another factor, I find the square shape of a typical denim jacket collar hugely unflattering on my wide shoulders and short neck (and a bust!, whether open or closed. The V of a moto cut is so much better and doesn't feel confining. And I find scrunching denim sleeves uncomfortable.

I had a black Tencel jacket cut like a jean jacket and the drape made a huge difference.

Well if it's helpful at all, since I've gained weight (what with menopause and all the other excuses), I did replace all my favorite jean jackets in the next size up. The same exact jean jackets from LOFT and ON, just in the next size. The size differential width and lengthwise was rather minimal, but it did make all the difference.

Not sure that applies to you --- I gain weight first and foremost in my upper body and belly, not my hips. Though yeah I've gained there too. My overall shape remains the same.

I cannot say that trick works for all tops! I have been frustrated lately about that, as sizing up in blouses doesn't always work lengthwise. But it did work with jean jackets, FWIW.

I like the outfit, no improvements needed in the clothing area. None at all. The only thing I would suggest is a more bling-y colorful necklace. I think someone else said that or you did, my short term memory is getting worse by the minute.

Waving at flats sister... I got a black pair and can't stop wearing them, they are lazy yet polished. I agree the feeling short takes getting used to but you don't look short.