You and your style is just stunning!

Thanks Cheryl and Lyn.

Wonderful look - a long chocolate pleated skirt like that is surprisingly versatile, isn't it? I've worn mine for work to weddings & everything in between

Nice tip on the metallic footwear, thank you How do you apply it for the patina effect - with a brush, cloth or sponge? I can't access Tarrago specifically here but I came across the tip to apply some 'Scratch Doctor' sealant over the top of a leather dye to keep it in place. Might that help yours to last too?

Ooooh that skirt!

Ooh love this! And now I really want to bronze-ify some boots!

Thanks Zaeobi, I just apply the polish with a rag, allow it to dry, then polish with a soft cloth. It’s pretty durable. Other brands might have similar metallic effect polishes to
Tarrago. Maybe Saphir? There is a brand here called Mister Minit that seems comparable. Thanks for the tip on scratch sealant.

Thanks ST!

Thanks RobinF. Give it a go! It’s a great way to refresh a shoe you are a little tired of too.

Too high, I know, Brooklyn - but for your viewing pleasure anyway. TEAL METALLIC, and bronze boots

This is just so rich and gorgeous! Brooklyn, I say it every time: your lewks never disappoint.

Aw, thanks Mary Beth.

Angie, those boots are all kinds of awesome. I hope they are an indicator that more muted metallic boots are coming. Teal + metallic = perfect.

Your outfits truly are artworks. Thanks for sharing them with us. Interesting observation about color vs shine. I fall pretty much on the other end of that spectrum, have several metallic pieces in my closet, most of them unworn because they just seem to fall for OTT special events for me. Love seeing how you wear yours.

Ah I see - so you dab it on with the rag to build it up? It must take multiple layers (& patience!) to get to the desired final effect.

I actually ordered some metallic bronzed & brown dyes for the first time this summer from Saphir and Kaps - didn't get round to actually applying it to my shoes when in the UK (when I had access to an actual outdoor garden - oops lol!), but maybe I'll try it on my balcony here once this cyclone dies down