I often dress in a base outfit that is appropriate for WFH and dog walks. Then I add or subtract things (shoes, outerwear, earrings) to make the outfit appropriate for whatever extra activities the day holds. ( or whatever weather situation arises… in rainy mountainous Taiwan, it changes constantly). It’s just practical— I rarely want to put on a whole new outfit.

So I’m always interested to hear about methods for doing this better. For example I recently heard somebody say that they like to have a variety of shoes in the same color (she prefers white) so they will still work with the outfit when she swaps shoe profile. White sneakers to white pumps: different look but still coordinated with whatever she is wearing. Brilliant!

And yesterday I stumbled on this style guide for men:

This blogger writes a lot on various menswear topics but this article struck me as particularly useful. It almost seems systematic! Love that.

I experimented a bit this morning but I have to say it’s more complicated with women’s clothes. Sometimes if I change pants, I also need to change undies style. Or if the pants are very wide or very skinny, they may not work with all of your shoes. Etc. Still I think this is an interesting way to consider adding and subtracting formality.

How do YOU do it friends?