Jessikams, I LOVE that menswear example! So translatable, which I never expected. I think I will check out more posts.

I agree that I have had too many items that proved to be more “ bossy” than I thought, or perhaps my “ eye “ is too picky, hence bossy.

So, Versatility- more elusive than I expected. I’m afraid to admit that body shape/ type make a difference. I’ve watched videos of bloggers trying on their “ capsule wardrobes or hauls/ adverts for various clothing labels and you know, everything goes with everything- the fabulous blazer goes over skinny pants or wide legs or a skirt, and so on. But not on me.

Anyway, back to “ outfit adjustments”. My at- home default might be joggers or a true sweatpants or maybe looser- fitting jeans , and could be slippers but more likely one of my most comfortable laceup athletic style shoes. Fleece or cotton LS T layer. And a fleece over shirt or fleece or cotton zip jacket or hoodie.
So depending on weather and energy level and “ versatility factors “ I might:
Toss a casual style blazer over the whole thing ( not slippers though!); change to jeans; size down in jeans- I have 2 styles in 2 sizes, and smaller size looks trimmer especially with more layers on top ; chane to a slip- on sneaker; change to loafers, if not doing tons of walking; sun in a nicer knitwear top- cashmere or a synthetic, more relaxed fit and wear micro- down jacket; tuck a merino top into joggers and add some kind of jacket; occasionally change to leather boots.
These would be changes for just “ running out” on errands, whereas for an actual event, I’d go further into something with dressier pants or a pleated midi skirt or something.

But I still end up at times tossing things about when I find that the loafers look twee with thecbottons or the blazer looks frumpy with the base outfit or the top is too bulky for the jacket.

Real life example.

1 - coffee with friend, errands and working from home on a warm Autumn day. Including changing the sheets as pillows on floor behind!

2- heading out to dinner with friends involving a walk of 2km to get there. Added a blazer - new to me but second hand- red lipstick and slightly dressier shoes. I head out in a couple of hours so I may change to tan sandals - still deciding!

I wouldn’t take these pants any dressier - they are a casual look both in style and fabric - I could tuck the drawstring to make them a bit smarter.

I could take them more casual with a tee instead of the linen knit and Birkenstocks.

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Gorgeous examples Sal!

Sal, that's so fab!!

We could do a Fabber thread with all of us pitching in when we had an opportunity!

My approach is exactly as Angie explained. I work from home, so I am dressed ready for work meetings in my work from home clothes and change into gear when going to the gym. Today I am wearing a dress with boots, which is a common combination for me year-round, in the height of summer, I wear sandals and when it is cooler, I throw on a jacket.

I ended up swapping out the top and wearing the cami instead.

It was fun to put it into action. Thanks Jessi for the idea.

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Just wanted to share the fab Morag's Instagram here too @mogzee_M, since her videos show how to build looks from a base outfit (her different videos have varying degrees of formality):

(I've linked a specific video reel here, but her main IG profile has many more - all with that same fun energy, whether she's dressing up or showing a more casual look (or both)!)

That article was fun. I enjoyed the pictorial progression.

I guess sort of did this the other day… got off work at 7, walked the dog, and then headed out for a party. I put on earrings. Lol, that’s all I did. It was honestly a brutal day, and I had to be back at work at 9:30 the next morning. Can’t say I enjoyed the whole marathon thing at all.

Rachy, those marathon days are tough! Usually it is too exhausting to do anything more than earrings or shoes!