Surprisingly, I've had a very good Spring and Summer dress season. I stand strongly behind my five reasons in the post though. It's a reality for many of us.

I've bought three dresses and they all fit perfectly. No alterations required. A dressy dress. A smart casual dress. And a very casual dress. The sizes were ALL OVER THE PLACE though. Not one of them is in my regular size, and my body is just the same. It took a few tries to get the sizes right because patience is indeed a virtue. My word.

An interesting point. I stumbled across these dresses and was not looking for them. (You find fab stuff when you aren't looking for it!) Because dresses are not easy to commit to - hence the blog post topic - I grabbed them and am keeping them. I guess I'm always in the market for a frock that isn't formal wear. I DO love dresses.

Over to you. Have you committed to some fun dresses this season?