I got (and am pretty sure I'm keeping) these three dresses. The weather is just now starting to cooperate with plans to wear them.

Love seeing everyone's frocks! I must admit I could make myself right at home in Staysfit's closet...good thing there's a friendly border between us!
I've bought all these dresses this year, the BCBG poppy red dress will be worn to DD's wedding, the cobalt blue Calvin Klein to the rehearsal, and the others are just for fun.
A huge barrier for me to overcome was having the right footwear, and to just get my head around wearing a dress as casual wear. Looking forward to sporting them this summer!

I have bought two this winter, and added two last summer.

The black one is perfect for my needs as it is so versatile for work and evening. I love it!

And the chevron one is a fun addition that can be worn in several ways.

I am always open to a new dress:)

I find myself really enjoying maxi dresses I only have 2 but that's 2 more than I've ever had.

I'm an enthusiastic member of Team Dress! So far this year I've purchased a couple of dresses that fit perfectly. The first is the Eileen Fisher 3/4 sleeve v-neck dress from Garnet Hill, which hits just at my knee and I know will be a real workhorse for me.


The second is from Loft (I've had surprisingly good luck at Loft this season!) I just purchased the Jardin Henley dress and plan to wear it with white leggings for spring and on its own for hot summer days.


I'm not particularly looking for dresses, but you got me thinking about them. If you look at the Nordstrom Contemporary Dresses section there are some that are incredibly dreadful, even on their models. Perhaps the fashion design programs need to work on their curriculum!

And could someone kindly tell me why rompers and jumpsuits count as dresses?

Oh dear Ummila, there are a few there that are either very sad, or very poorly styled!!

I could see the Ted Baker cap sleeve "Wrennie" working on a fine boned young person, but the proportions could be tricky!!

Shelia, very pretty dress. Can you find the link from Target?

Staysfit, you have a Killer beautiful dress collection.

Peri, YAY. That’s a Top Pick.

Janet, YAY. All three frocks are Top Picks, and they all look sensational on you.

Merowoman, MY WORD. Your wild card dresses are AMAZING. I hope we see them all on, and I bet you look fab in all of them.

Sally, the chevron is particularly lovely. Happy and vibrant.

Ledonna, we saw you rock your deconstructed denim dress a few months ago.

Nancylee, lovely frocks. The Loft has good dresses for sure.

UmmLilla, YES. I hope that retailers see my post. (I think jumpsuits and rompers are shoved into the dress category because they are one pieces).

I have been focusing on thrifting some summer dresses and I think this one is a keeper. (thrifted Maya Negri).

Anything that showcases your buff yoga arms is a keeper, Jaime. Gorgeous dress. (Btw, not only do we have exactly the same feet, but our leg shapes look very similar too - although mine have built-in maximal and colourful spider vein accessorization).

thank you Angie! And I am developing some spider veins lately, but I think they blend more with olive skin.

Dresses for Spring 2016 - zero

but it's not for want of trying. One more on order to try for DD's graduation. If it doesn't work then I'll wear what I have. I'm done looking.

I have tried several shirt dresses, as I think that style is perfection for summer but can't seem to fit my top correctly. I'm trying not to settle.

I have gotten one dress. It's black and has an interesting, architectural hem line. It's probably the only one I'll get this year. I *have* built a dress capsule up. It's really taken several years. I like dresses because you put one on and you're done, but there are so many things that get in the way of wearing them.

I've purchased two dressy dresses this year for two events but no casual dresses yet. I've been trying on all types of casual dresses and I'm just not feeling any of them. I can't say that I really need to add a casual dress but if one finds me I'm open to it.

I bought five dresses last year and wore two of them. #1 and 2 were bought for special occasions and I've only worn them once each. These were the only non impulse buys. #3-5 are unworn, mainly because they're sleeveless. I bought them because I love them. I'll wear them when it warms up.

I bought two dresses so far this year (#6 and 7) and have already worn them!

I have purchased a few this year. Most from Kohls or Maurices. It's very hard for me to find flattering dresses with my figure (5 ft even and on the chunkier side) especially with preferring maxi dresses/skirts or midis!

I like the way you wear dresses, JAileen. You look like a grown up. One thing about dresses, I feel a lot like a child in the ones that fit most often.

I've purchased two summer dresses in two variations, both from Uniqlo. The Uniqlo + Lemaire collaboration seersucker cotton dresses are super comfortable and basically big A-shaped sacks (which I love!) so no fit issues there. I'm looking for the right belts to accessorize.

I bought the Uniqlo + Liberty London maxi knit dresses because I love the Liberty prints, but I'm not a huge fan of the bra tops so am contemplating doing some alterations. I might chop the tops off and make them into skirts.

I'll be in the US this summer so will be looking for some more dresses to add to my wardrobe as I feel they work well with my hourglass shape.

I know what you mean about finding something fab when not looking for. I wish I could find a MIDI shirt dress like yours in nr 2- my problem is always length...

I love dresses but need to find something quite structured. I like shirt dresses but find as my bust is my biggest part, it just hangs from there. I might experiment in future with belts. I am going to pull out my wrap dress for winter.

Angie - the WWW dress has been sold out for some time, as it was a limited collection. So there is no link on the Target site, sorry.

Dresses have been really tough to find for me for the past couple of years. I've had much better luck with skirt, and have been rocking skirts and blouses instead. That said, I've seen lots of pretty dresses at Loft and WHBM. I just cannot wear short dresses --- I don't enjoy them, and what I'm finding always lacks a couple of inches of length.

That sewing machine keeps calling.....

Angie, your blog on dresses is so-o-o true! At 5' 1", I found the chambray dress below on the short side, and it is a REGULAR size! The Topshop kitten dress is on its way to me, so I'm crossing my fingers.

I've purchased more dresses in the past year or two (a handful) than I have in the previous decade. (I would show them, except that just now I figured out that the FINDS option wasn't working for me due to my previous cookie setting. Duh!) In addition to the five issues you mentioned, I find it difficult to find dresses to work with the toppers I own. I run super cold, so even my sleeved dresses need to work with at least a vest.

Speaking of sizes, Friday I bought a dress from Target. It is a indigo tie dye and I fell in love with it. I normally wear a 4 or a 6 but this dress was a plus size. I got the size X which I think translates to a size 1 X. It looked like it ran really small. I figured I could have it altered (I have a wizard alterations person). I didn't have time to try it on in the store so I took it home thinking I would take it back if it didn't work. The dress was only a tiny bit too big. Yesterday I took it to my wizard and she said no problem. I am so pleased. But that's why I have so much trouble buying online. If I order something online I sometimes buy two different sizes and sent one back. But even when I shop at an actual store it happens. Two dresses of similar styles, and I take a 4 in one dress and a 10 or 12 in the other. So frustrating! And Firecracker, your Paris Dress is lovely.

Late to the thread, but chiming in on love of dresses. Luckily I run warm-ish and love to wear toppers, so I have a wider dress season than some. I wear all year long with tights or over pants in the colder months. I ONLY find dresses when I'm not looking, which is why I have a couple of dressier ones hanging in the closet from last year that haven't been out (but will be there for me whenever). I'm kinda picky and like to rock a little hard edge in my looks. I've only bought one this year, but it's a workhorse so far (first Find, black, white and pink stripes). My jewel tone EF lemming dresses get out a lot in summer or transition seasons with a long jacket (#2) and boots. The rest of the capsule is below in Finds. Threw in some hilarious photos showing my early dress style...I'd blame my Mom but she clearly had better taste than to choose those frocks!

I am one of those people who live in dresses in summer, and perhaps for that reason, seem to wreck about one a year so have to keep buying them. Here's last summers.

I haven't bought any dresses for winter, and it isn't on the cards really, bu only because my budget is allocated for other priorities. Same with work clothes. Only exception might be a shirtdress/tunic.

I find sheath or shift dresses relatively easy, if not to fit off the shelf, then to alter. Dresses with a waist hemline are another matter - because of my long torso, the waists too often are on my rib cage, or just catching the bottom rib, both of which I find physically annoying and visually too child-like.

Oh, and I agree with the too short thing! I'm only 5'4 and I too have rejected dresses on that basis. (after a lifetime of taking up hems). I think the too short hems, specially with gathered or pleated skirts, can add to the child-like vibe I just mentioned.

Nope, no dresses for me. I haven't worn a dress in at least a few years. I always look at them, but I know I won't actually wear them, so I haven't purchased one in quite some time. It is funny that you mentioned seeing something when you aren't shopping for it, because I recently stumbled across a wedge pair of sandals that I gave up on shopping for a while back. They were my size, the height was comfortable, and they paired very well with my skinny jeans. Needless to say, I snatched them up.

I decided I wanted to add some casual summer dresses this year so of course I haven't been able to find any! Part of the problem is I've gained about 5 pounds since I stopped nursing and they all went to my tummy. I know I could just embrace it but I'm not quite there. Probably a huge part of the problems is I've ordered them all online and just haven't had the patience to to try various sizes. I tried the light blue shirtdress you bought in my normal size SP and it was huge on me. I should re-order in an XSP or maybe even XXSP but I just haven't. I finally gave up but just ordered two more that are on sale at Nordstroms (plus the EF which is on backorder but in my experience anything decent in petites goes out of stock so quick).

ETA: I did get the Halogen jumpsuit which I think is a keeper after a few alterations. I should post a K/R. That might be my casual dress.