I love this! Love shift dresses and the new sandals look awesome.

Love this dress - may scope it out myself. I agree with Janet - these shift/sack dresses look great on you! Your legs are perfectly highlighted by this style and allows you to show off your interesting footwear. Loose is perfect for hot, humid days and you look perfectly appropriate - wrinkles and all!

Willing to share details of the new bra score?

Thanks, everyone

Bra story: I've been procrastinating like you would not believe. 1. I kept assuming/hoping I'd lose significant weight 2. I've been thinking about a breast reduction and wasn't sure I wanted to invest $000 in bras only to change sizes soon. However, it was too much of a need to keep ignoring , so in I went . I ended up with 3 beautiful bras - 2 of them on-sale. 2 from Chantelle and one other brand I can't recall, that was decidedly NOT on sale, and very expensive, and I didn't realize what I paid for it until I got home . MORTIFIED and a little annoyed too. Longer story though. The store owner showed me how to fit the bra onto my own body (some lifting and pushing and adjusting going on within the cups), and of course I ended up with sizes that aren't available at mass retail (department stores included). The biggest takeaway is that the underwire MUST be all the way around the great tissue and right under the armpit to be effective. This of course = a much wider, bigger cup size. UGH. I knew all of this but it's been a few years since I last was in a speciality lingerie store with knowledgable staff.

Re brows: I am obsessed with eyebrows , to say the least. I have almost no brow hair left, and what I do is now pure white. I have had them microbladed in the past, which was fine, but there is new-ish technique offered now called micropigmentation , which gives a more powdery, makeup-y look. I tried it , and prefer it, actually. In person they are not quite as pronounced and dark as they look in some photos, but they are certainly "there" , no doubt about it. I have such low-contrast features and a small face, and without distinct eyebrows, my face would be a vague blur. I believe that as we age, we benefit from some definition and structure to our faces, and defined brows do that. It sure makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot faster and on weekends with no makeup or in the pool, I still look presentable

I agree with all the comments about this outfit being so "you". I also love love the color combo of the slightly blueish grey with the tan sandals. And I was going to ask about the bra brands you chose but you gave a great summary. And, your description of your brows is exactly how I would describe mine....I was thinking of trying microblading and maybe will look into micropigmentation too so thanks for mentioning it. I too have low-contrast features and a small face :-).

Lisa, I’m chuckling in sympathy and recognition of the bra fitting trials — the last time I did that was in a specialty store for a sports bra and it was horrifying to see the size I needed (it had to be ordered, even though it’s a specialty store!). But I’m glad you got some good ones and I hope you are happy with them. I find a choice of bra really can make or break how I feel on any given day.

Now THIS is more you. Colour, more luxe and pared down feel, less fussy. You look great - and more importantly - you look YOU. Comfortable in your own skin.

Ohh! Thank you so much on the brows - that’s so good to know. I feel like I’m about to change hair style and mapping in an upgrade to my eye brows seems a good thing to do. Thank you Lisa!

Well done with the bras. So important.

I think your comment on my thread and Sal's comment on this thread are exactly right. I think of your style descriptor add urban luxe too - except your urban part is a little more edgy. I think when a trend is luxe, clean and polished, and works with your aesthetic, it works great for you - but when not, then you struggle to fit it in. I think you're right to let it go - you have such effortless style as it is.

I am also obsessed with brows and wholeheartedly agree that they define the face and make one look younger - hence my bushy caterpillars

You look fantastic in this dress! I love the sleeves.

A great look. This style of dress is amazing on you because you have slim hips and great legs. Thanks for the advice to get a proper bra fitting. I find bra buying awful too, the only thing worse is buying bathers.