I've just returned from a semi-annual industry trade show for giftware, home decor, fashion accessories, and other assorted things.......to find my new Alexander McQueen scarf! Fresh from Europe and brought back by Janet, who sent me pictures of different options from a shop she found, and I decided on this one. A totally different vibe than my black one, and I admit I picked it hoping to find my original and have two I know, you're all thinking "Lisa, it's a scarf, get over it, so what if you had a designer scarf..lots of us have designer wear, you're not special, etc etc etc". But I don't buy stuff at this price point often at all, rarely now in fact, and anyways, it was a really special thing. So forgive my carrying on ? Anyways, here it is in this lovely blue. I've decided it will be a spring and summer piece, and not a fall/winter like my black one. The blue is a little too clear and bright , and I can't see wearing it with black based outfits . Regardless, it was about the nicest, most thoughtful thing someone I have never actually met has done for me - and thus the special value of this forum and the people on it. Thank you , Janet. (yes, I'm paying her for it )

In other news, my travel wardrobe was fine - albeit a little too masculine. . All black, and the pieces were comfortable and easy to wear, and I felt decent in them. However, my shoe assortment, coupled with a haircut I am really , really, disliking, made me feel like Ellen Degeneres all week, which , with all due respect to Ellen, is not the look I'm going for. I wore sneakers and mules, and felt too boyish and androgynous. Basically, I was dying inside a little more every day. Challenge: clothes and footwear I can wear for long days on my feet that are feminine but not girly.

In less whiny news.....the colour of the upcoming season is pink. Yes, we've all heard about millennial pink, but in the broader context, and for the rest of us who are not millennials......blush pink and a slightly clearer pink are everywhere . Gorgeous lacquered jewelry boxes with gold hardware, blush pink bags in mixed leather/suede, blush scarves with gold embroidery, blush and gold jewellery, and blush holiday ornaments for the tree . And not a dirty blush, but a perfect PINK blush. I am in love ! In jewellery, home decor pieces, , hardware on bags etc: it's all about gold. Sorry silver lovers : your colour will always be a classic, but it will be gold everywhere this spring and summer. Also - TEAL. Seeing a lot of it in paint , fur, pillows, rugs, and hope to see it in clothing. I am redoing my 3-season sunroom this spring, and painting an upstairs hallway and stairway , and teal is going to factor in heavily, I hope. I have already ordered the teal mongolian fur pillow and throws in the 6th picture. In kids textiles (which means decor as well as clothes) : the fox print is it. Love it! And lastly in jewellery: turquoise (especially mixed with gold to give it a more urban look) will be big (along with the blush mentioned earlier). Can't wait to get my nails done this colour and to get some rings just like this . Pictures taken from different sources this past week attached.

What the heck am I going to do with my hair ? UGH. Dark plus too short makes me feel horrible.

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