Lisa, I'm so glad you decided to get another scarf. I know it'll never replace the black one (so that never showed up, huh?) but hopefully the story behind you obtaining this one will make it special in your closet for different reasons. Isn't Janet the BEST!

I like your hair, I'm sorry you don't . It'll soften up soon enough! I find that's the thing with short hair.... it's too short for 2 weeks, then it's just right for 2 weeks, then it's too long... finding a cut that can handle a half inch of growing, in all parts of your head, is challenging.

I think your hair looks fantastic - I see no Ellen (again, no dis to Ellen).

Hooray for pink and teal! Two of my absolute favorites.

Amazing scarf!

Really great scarf, Lisa. Fabulous blue. I've been admiring it every time I go into Nordstrom. I run it through my hands, look at the price tag, then walk away. LOL

Great update on whats trending. I haven't done any pink in years but I'm warming up to idea. Love teal.

What a great scarf, and a touching story about Janet finding it for you. *sniff* It's a great color on you.

Thanks for the color report! I'm excited to see some blush that's not a dusty blush. I have not been sure how to incorporate that color into my life, but maybe there will be something this season. Teal is my favorite, on the other hand. YAY!

I think your hair is great, but maybe it's not your "winter hair." You may want to reevaluate when it warms up, though I guess you could get tired of it before then, being in the frozen north and all.

That scarf is so beautiful with your complexion and coloring! I'm very sorry that you dislike your hair. But you look amazing! Like a cross between a rockstar and a mischievous sea sprite. Have you given any thought to additional highlights?

I love Ellen D. I don't see any "Ellen" in your hair, but I get what you're saying, especially if you dressed on the masculine side for your trip. I've been fighting myself ever since I watched "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", because I think I've skewed too much in the direction of dressing like Susie, and it freaks me out. Not so much the masculinity of the character's outfits, but the drabness of color, and a certain dumpiness of fit.

(Random thought, that Susie character would be a dream role for me).

I LOVE that teal, blushy pinks and gold/rose gold are going to be around this spring, those are some of my very favorite colors!

I wanted to come back and say I’ve that with my very short hair I’ve been wearing more substantial earrings. I had been wearing very simple one inch silver hoops for awhile, but started wearing very substantial hammered silver earrings. They give more of a presence, so to speak. They are more feminine, but they’re also more visible. I also bought some primitive looking hammered hoops from Etsy. They might be too big for me, though. I don’t remember the last time I wore stud earrings.

Love the scarf story and it looks fab with your hair. Short dark hair + black + plus clunky footwear = Audrey Hepburn in my mind, not Ellen, but I get what you mean about certain looks feeling too masculine.

Also enjoyed reading about color trends in fashion and home decor. Excited about turquoise jewelry coming back! I have a small collection , mostly of the southwest Native American style, that I haven't worn in years. I think I will dig them out this spring. Being the mama of two smalls, I feel like the fox/woodland creature thing has been around for a while, but they continue to be cute nonetheless.

Jenni - there is nothing wrong with the way ED dresses or how she looks. She has her vibe, and I don't want it for myself

Fab new scarf. I like the sounds of the new spring colors. I think your new color and cut is fab. Since I went short I have never looked back to longer hair.

You carry on about your lost scarf as much as you like. So what if other people have designer pieces also? We all understand the grief a woman feels when she loses a favorite garment, and I feel like that's what this forum is here for, you know? It's what makes this such a beautiful place

Now, to the point... I'm thrilled that Janet was able to help you find a new scarf. Again, one of the things that make this forum a beautiful place.

I like your hair! I think you look great with darker hair. But I understand if you’re not feeling it, you’re just not!

I’m glad about teal and pink. I’ve worn through my favorite items in those colors and would like them back in my life. And maybe I’ll get my baby girl something with foxes on it, too fun.

What a lovely scarf! It's the same, but totally not the same. And special YLF meaning, too.

I'm thrilled to see that pink is going strong. What about rose gold?? *crosses fingers*

The scarf is gorgeous and I loved the story behind it. Those are things that make the YLF community a lot more than a fashion forum. You look great and your lip color is so gorgeous. I look forward to all the blush and turquoise for spring.

What a great post! So much to comment on.

So, on the home decor/color update. I'm so excited to hear about teal, since I decorated my living room (new in August) around a teal Persian rug! (So nice to be accidentally on trend.) And I love the whole fox motif but I'm going to have to hold back on it. We live on Fox Street, and we already have a fox door knocker at the back entry, and it would be just so easy to go overboard.

I love the idea of pale pink but am not sure about it for myself. I think I need more saturated color so may need to enjoy it on others. But I have always loved gold and turquoise and I want several of the rings you showed! I am now officially on the hunt. So thank you!

Now, about your hair. I think Angie is right that the combination of dark hair, all black, and more masculine shoes may add up to just too little femininity. I have been there. So your instinct to look for lightening up in clothing sounds just right. Also, I LOVE how your hair looks in this picture, with the gold flecks. I know it's a trick of the light, but would you consider maintaining it this way, with some gold to break up the dark? It might be just enough to keep you from feeling too Jane Eyre. IYKWIM.

That scarf is super gorgeous with your coloring and the olive. I can so easily see that with white jeans and black sneakers in the spring. SO fresh looking.

Lovely to see you, my friend. <3

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I still think the darker hair looks striking on you and that scarf is everything.
Here’s hoping you also find your other one!

Vivian - that rug!! I am lusting over a similar one I but it's a bit out of my price range. I love yours. Teal/turquoise goes with so much in decor - it's practically a neutral I love it with mustard, red , grey, etc. I know what you mean about pale pink. If it's not clear enough and too muddy, it's deadly unflattering . I am on the hunt though, and hope to find a few pieces for spring. A bag is on the top of my list (I saw a couple of perfect ones at the show and am going to place an order soon). I also want some pale pink quartz jewellery with gold fittings....and all of those turquoise rings:)

I like the idea of highlighting my hair to mimic the picture. Until I looked at the photo after taking it, I had no idea it was reflecting that much gold, which I don't mind at all. I'm trying to ignore my hair for another 6 weeks or so, and then I'll so something with the colour. Part of my frustration with it last week was not having the right goo with me . The cut was so new I had yet to figure out how to style it, and was working with a product not good for it. Another packing mistake.

Ginger - I saw a bit of rose gold at the show, and some pink leather was metalicized to have that rose gold effect....but it wasn't making a major statement anywhere.

Thank you ALL for your fun colour comments - I love hearing what others think about colour trends in home decor too. Also - thanks for the kind hair words We've all been there, I know .

Oh, I was just thinking your hair looks really good, especially with the blue scarf. As Angie said, beautiful with your complexion. Actually, the word "glow" came to mind...

Gorgeous scarf! It looks great on you. Sorry you're not loving your hair or travel wardrobe, but honestly, you're looking sensational in that olive/ blue combo. And I'm still hoping the black scarf reappears so you can have two. YAY for Janet!!

Thank you for the heads up on the colors. I just bought a pair of blush pink jeans and a blue and pink shirt. I am ahead of curve just a bit.
My entry hall is turquoise. I need to add a little gold.

Janet that was such a thoughtful thing to do. I love the scarf on you Lisa.
I think your hair looks great. Especially with the scarf to break up the black.

Bummer that you're feeling bad about your hair. You look gorgeous in your new scarf and jacket--that shade of blue loves you.

And how interesting to read your trend report--I love teal and gold/brass for the home! The pics are inspiring; thanks for posting them.