Summer has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere and it is hot. I decided to pin my hair up to beat the heat and take a picture for Carla (apologies that my hair selfie did not work as intended to show the back of my hair). This is an easy and non-styled hair do, definitely sits in the daily ‘meh’ space of keeping it real. I have posted my hair clip, which I use two of these to pin my hair up.

Today I am wearing long shorts from 2019 and a favourite cotton blouse (new). Cotton and linen blouses get me through summer. I loved this one because of its ruffles and silver threads.. I purchased this shirt in blue as well and both have proved their worth being worn regularly.

Worn with white gold, pink sapphire and pearl earrings - a leaving gift from leaving my first professional job (I stayed there for many years), so they are special because of the great colleagues and friends I made there.

My Bao Bao bag (6 years old) is another happiness factor and reminds me of a fab family holiday in Singapore, where it was purchased. I really miss the opportunity to travel.

We have no summer holiday plans. Australia is VERY lucky to have Covid under control with few restrictions and currently no local transmission (in my state we have gone 7 - 8 months without any local transmission). But breakouts from those travelling from overseas is such a concern that we are very wary of getting complacent, so getting together in smaller groups and social distancing is still recommended.