I played a bit with the ROG last night, and realized my wardrobe was more chaotic than I thought And I think I've discovered wardrobe holes.

Case in point...a magpie walks into a boutique and buys a hummingbird bag. In my defense it looked much less white in the shop.

Well I have so few bags this one popped up over and over. Sooo bad- though I do have outfits to wear with it.

The catch is- my essentials are mostly black, and I dislike high contrast on myself. And white is truly awful on me, though Kettlewell has some light colors in their Autumn section that look workable (and homefully wouldn't shift grey).

So the question is, does every outfit have to have essentials- and if I buy something to go with the bag-would that make it an essential?

Question 2- footwear. I'd use this bag for summer and transitional weather- so sandals. Normally in the summer I wear cognac sandals, but thinking burgundy would be a good addition- to go with the handle. Some form of white would be the obvious choice- but goes with nothing else I own.

Thoughts? Prayers? Scolding cause I should know better but Hummingbirds!