Hello ladies, it's been a while, eh? ^^ Thought I'd post a few recent outfits with a handful of new items (coral sweater, plaid bomber, yellow blouse, navy pompom) and plenty of oldies-but-goodies. If there's no coat in a photo I wore my charcoal plaid coat, don't worry!

I've been tweaking my style descriptors ever so slowly the past year or two and am finally feeling just about sorted (profile updated). Not adding many new pieces means it's mostly involved being stricter when styling my existing pieces so they fit the newer direction -- stern but consistent reminders that just because things can be worn together doesn't mean that I have to do it, and just because I liked a combo a year (or two or three) ago doesn't mean that it's pushing me forward now. It does feel nice to have a couple new pieces to work with again, though, especially since F/W is my dominant season and dressing for it is NOT my favorite.

Been taking photos sporadically, most often on the first wear of an outfit I really like so I have an easy reference for later repeats. I will try to post a few of them here and there

As always comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

(EDIT: Eep! Giant blob of Finds. Too bad I can't set it to "small" ><)

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