Here are 3 recent outfits. All were good while in the planning stages, but I think came up short when I wore them. Pictures are really helpful, but I do think I tend to view them with a more critical eye than when I check in with the mirror. Thank goodness for happiness factors! Even when an outfit is meh, I have happy pieces to boost my mood.

For the first outfit I wish I had worn tall black boots and even though I really like black and brown, I think the overall look was too dark. My fav of these pics was with the outerwear. Hahaha.
In pics 4,5 something was off.....maybe the white top or the cut of the sweater? All I see is a massive bust.

In pics 7,8 I like the colors, but think I look frumpy.

Your thoughts on how to improve these? I like each individual piece, but the culminating outfits didn’t work the way I had hoped.

Thank you for looking and for any comments you choose to make.

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