I finally had some time to post pics again. Here are some outfits I wore in November. The first few are work outfits, and then there are some that I wore for various evening events.

I'm especially fond of my new animal print jacket (I smile just seeing it hanging in my closet... I'm a total sucker for animal print) and the outfit with the vest, blazer, tuxedo shirt and red flower. The size of the flower is of course totally over the top (my partner stared in disbelief -- thought I'd mention this since we recently had an interesting thread about how partners/spouses react to our outfits and how it affects us) but I felt hip and sassy and thought it made a great party outfit. My only issue with the outfit is that I look terribly short-legged on that photo, and I'm not sure what exactly causes that - maybe the length of the blazer?? Or maybe it's just the way I took the photo, at least that's what I'll choose to believe