Hi all!

I’m mostly staying away from shopping these days. My closet is in fine shape and I don’t lack for options. I have done some editing, mostly of jeans and pants, and I don’t need anything really.

However, this item grabbed my eye and I kept coming back to it, so I decided to place an order to try it out.

I have a long standing love of argyle, but I’m super picky about the color scheme, and I really like argyle that takes a step away from the traditional, straightforward preppy style. I have that look well covered with a couple of old sweaters (and by old, I mean 10+ years old!). I like the graphic quality of this simplified argyle pattern, and the neutrals are very wearable for me. It’s practical for what remains of this pandemic winter but will also be good for seasons to come.

We’ll see how it goes once the sweaters arrive — I actually ordered both the black/gray and the pale neutral versions, even though black is my first love. I’m a little nervous about the flattery aspect of the large-scale higher contrast diamond pattern, and thought the lower contrast light version may work for me.