I don't generally get to participate in the Friday ensemble because it's out of season for me. But this is one I could hardly resist!

So, I thought I would participate retrospectively, by posting some of my dark floral outfits from last summer. I have also included some from Autumn that could be made more summery if you switched out the boots for sandals or other summer shoes.

Many I have already posted but there are some that I didn't post, largely because they were "more of the same". (Which is fine for me, but probably not that interesting for others.) The first outfit I never posted because I found out the skirt was faulty, and I returned it.

As you can see, I am pretty sorted in the dark floral department. Still, as I mentioned in Angie's post, I wouldn't mind a dark floral handbag and some dark floral culottes. Then my collection would be complete! Anyone else on the hunt?