I feel like saying that I'm just a "person" - no word in front! I'm almost blind to the attractions of bags, and while my knowledge and appreciation of shoes has increased a lot, I sometimes miss shoe details in outfits and since I have budgetary and foot constraints have never been able to have many pairs (And yes I didn't reply to Jenni either, because I kept thinking that if I, in a hotter climate, can get by with 4 pairs of sandals isn't 10 enough? But I know that wouldn't be taking into account Jenni's "shoe person" needs)
I don't really overbuy any category, but I guess I'm more drawn to dresses, skirts and gear.

Like Anne, I’m probably just a “person.” But, this morning, I realized that pencil skirts is definitely a large category in my closet. Bags, I own 5, and two of those are 20+ years old. And shoes, fewer than 20, for a 4 season climate. So, I’ll play along and be a “pencil skirt person.”

Jewelry person. The only one? A lot of the time I plan what necklace I want to wear and then pick out the top that goes with it. This might explain why I still have trouble shopping!

Such an interesting read here! I'm just a person -- who has more midcentury gravy boats than shoes and bags combined

Unabashed Gear Person, even though I don't like to wear my gear if I'm not actually doing a gear-related activity, and consider it almost completely separate from my "IRL" wardrobe. Backpacking and trail-running are sweaty, stinky, muddy sports, and there is just no point trying to make that gear crossover into the civilized world. But it is still my favourite thing to shop for. I also teach at an outdoor school once a week and can justify having some "cute" gear for that. Like Anne, I have a hard time overbuying in any category and do sometimes feel guilty about my three non-gear bags and ten pairs of non-gear shoes -- compulsive moderator?

I have always been a hat person too, thanks in large part to my mum's knitting expertise. Hats for all seasons, and they invariably get the most compliments of anything I wear.

Sweater person. Unfortunately I live in SoCal with a very limited window of opportunity to wear them.

Jeans. Shoes. Grey Sweaters. (I am really not allowed to buy anymore of the two latter categories for a long time.) (Probably I shouldn't be allowed any more jeans either.)

Definitely a shoe person. close second a topper person, and a third-necklace person. have dozens, but really do not wear them so much.

I think a dress person - not so much in quantity but in adoring them!!

After that maybe toppers/ coats:)

Love seeing the collections!!

It is funny...I have been thinking about this. I have always loved shoes. I still remember with great fondness at least 3 pairs of shoes I wore when I was between 3 and 4 years old. I could describe in detail all the best shoes of my life...oh, I love them.

And do you know where I got this love? NOT from my mother. She liked shoes well enough, I think...but if I had to peg her as one thing or another, I'd say maybe a dress person, like Sal. Or a jacket person. (She adored lovely suits).

No, my love of shoes definitely comes from my dad. He was a very unpretentious man from a working class background and didn't care a hoot for fashion of any kind, really -- he always bought suits off the rack at the Bay (even when he could have afforded more).

But he adored a good Italian loafer, and saved his favourites and gave them loving care for years.

Funny. His mother was a seamstress. Maybe he took clothing for granted but appreciated leather goods as something that he could not get from home. He also loved leather jackets and wallets.

Uh... I’m a ‘clothes’ person... I have a silly amount of clothing, from shoes to headbands... shoes are probably the worst, followed by coats. But let us not forget sweaters...

Just call me Sybil. I am a split personality! I am a jewlery person, a shoe and bootie person, a topper person, a bag person (which I recently culled to only the bags that I really use, not just ones I adore. I passed on 2/3 of my collection.) I will Not show my entire collections, because it would take too long to photograph them.

Suz that's fascinating. I'm not sure how I come by my Shoe Person status. My collection right now is pretty tight and practical, though certainly not minimal (~25 pairs). My mom is absolutely a Bag Person. Me, I get a high happiness factor from using the bags that I have, but I have a very narrow aesthetic when it comes to bags and few appeal to me.

I am interested in the idea of a "Topper Person." Angie and Jenn, you both seem to include both indoor and outdoor toppers in your collections. I own over 30 cardigans (indoor toppers), but only 5 pieces of outerwear. (My husband, who is distinctly NOT interested in personal style, has more than twice as many. He is a Coat Person!)

Definately a turtleneck and jeans fan !

Like Torontogirl, I'm a stripes person (because Jenn allows it), with borderline shoe tendencies. Inside the confessional, however, I'm a hard core black Lycra gym gear person - no contest!

Oh, now Suz brings up a good point about memories. I have no recollection of my childhood shoes, except for a pair of white Reebok's I really detested. I guess I've never been a white shoe person, or a shoe person at all. I dislike more of them than I like -- same with bags. My favourite clothing items as a young child were a particular pair of jeans, followed by a couple of graphic t-shirts. When I was a bit older, I remember being thrilled to find two breton shirts (a red on from LLBean and a blue one from Patagonia) at the local thrift store; my style preferences haven't changed a scrap.

Looking through my Finds, it’s probably scarves. But then there’s belts. And socks and tights and other hosiery. Oh, and bags. How about just saying accessories?

But the real numbers are in seals. Stuffed seals of all sizes . Mugs. Clothing. But I am basically ceding the collection to DH but he got me/us another seal for Valentines Day.

I’m a shoe person. I love looking and talking about shoes. Philosophizing about shoes, recommending shoes.

My mother is definitely a shoe person too

I remember a lot of my childhood shoes. They were all great quality and heavy-duty, but wow, did I ever long for pretty shoes that went “tap tap tap!” When I walked. My mother never got me those.

Oh, my childhood clothing preferences were rainbow!
It started in preschool when I wore one red sock and one green sock.
In my third-grade picture I'm wearing overalls with rainbow colored straps and underneath them a 3/4-sleeve white tee with a rainbow printed across the front.
I also remember in 1st grade I had a pink velour shirt with a rainbow-colored knit trim and I would always wear it on Music days, because at the end of class the Music teacher would dismiss us by color we were wearing, and this meant I always got to go first!

To this day I have trouble limiting my color palette.....

I want to clarify that I don’t think these classifications have to do with overbuying, necessarily. Just about what you love choosing and owning, and maybe what helps define your style.

Suz and Christina, your points about our parents is pretty interesting. My mom was so much of a blazer person that, after she passed away, everyone in her office wore blazers in her honor.

Smittie! Someone here mentioned having a preference for silent shoes and, I admit, I boggled a little. I get a secret little thrill every time I wear shoes with hard soles that tap. They still feel “grown-up” to me.

Why have I only just seen this thread?! World-famous on the forum! Just been out to a dry cleaners and had a haircut and bought... 2 pairs socks. I'd like to say being a shoe person doesn't make me unaware that I already have "enough". More than. It's a small weakness/frivolity and Staysfit was very kind this morning suggesting I was likely caring and careful and not to be guilty if I decide to get more. Fun thread Jenn the topper person!

I am a top person now being a topper person

Shoes, no question. I enjoy bags and tried to be a bag person for a while, so I built up a nice collection, but I plan my outfits around my shoes. I really enjoy toppers, but a very specific kind. I like longer, statement (indoor) jackets, and they aren't easy to find.

Oh wait. No. I’m a sock person. My socks overwhelm all else. They’re not even interesting. I see socks at the grocery and will get a pair...

Shoes, definitely shoes.

Go Rachy! I may secondarily be a sock person, adding to the count by two today.

Jewelry, definitely. I have some from at least pre-teen on. Mostly fun to semiprecious. Purchased, sample sales, inherited, thrifted, made by myself or my mom, etc.

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool cashmere sweater girl, and have been since high school, when my mother handed down a couple of her beauties to me. The luscious colors (I have them in almost every shade except oranges and yellows) and heavenly softness and warmth comfort me like nothing else when I'm cold, ill, or just feeling low. I love them all:
thin, light cashmere tees from J.Crew, indestructible vintage Scottish pullovers, oversized men's sweaters from thrift shops. I have cashmere knitted pants, scarves, socks and gloves, too, so I can be swathed from head to toe in Winter. For Summer, I have a few fine cashmere/cotton blend cardigans. When I travel, I feel secure if I have a cashmere or two in my bag.