Suz and JenniNZ have both admitted to being "shoe people." Angie has her handbag "wardrobe pets." I've been thinking about it, and I'm definitely a "topper person." From cardigans to kimonos to trench coats to vests to blazers to jackets, I like all of them. It's a good thing I live in the climate I do. Ask any Coloradan what to wear for a visit here, and they won't even take a beat before answering, "Pack layers."

I've decided that from now on, when a "shoe person" asks for advice about purchasing a new pair, I'm going to approach it like it was me asking about a topper. My toppers are most likely to be my statement items, they bring me the most joy per wear, and they do all get worn, if not as frequently as my less diverse shoes and bags. We all have our weaknesses for the pieces that do the most to define our style.

What kind of ______ person are you?