I can't believe I've been doing this challenge for a month! It's been the best thing to pep up my winter dressing yet. And I'm making some really useful discoveries.

Welcome to "statement sweaters" week -- after Saturday, I added that little twist.

And good thing, since I think I'm sort of pushing it to call some of these variations on a silhouette.

1. Fluid over slouchy skinnies. Like Sveta, I don't really like these jeans with black footwear but since my perfect taupe or grey booties have not appeared, this is it for now. (I also wear with my cranberry booties and my ink ones -- but these are also on the dark side.) I also wore my little tux jacket for extra warmth but neglected to snap the photo of that.

2. Tailored over slouchier. For an at-home Sunday. This sweater used to be more fluid. Alas, it seems to have shrunk a bit. I will have to try blocking it.

3. You've seen this one -- fluid over slim skirt.

4/5. Fluid over fluid. Haven't worn this DVF sweater much this year. This was for a visit to our financial guy. Took the opportunity to wear a jacket. Topped it with my red coat which easily accommodates a leather jacket beneath. Also wearing my noir pants...love these so much but don't wear them enough. They are just a touch too dressy for my at home life so I really only wear them when I am going out of the house.

6. Long cardi over skinny. The snow boots went on later. We had a big storm.

7. Tailored sweater over boxy shirt with skinnies. Tons of snow meant another skinnies day. The sweater used to be my daughter's and used to be fluid -- until she tossed it into the regular wash! Now it is way too small for her and almost too small for me. But still fun to wear this year.

Oh, and by the way -- I have officially given in. I am now wearing my supposedly "outdoor" booties as indoor footwear. They are completely clean on the bottoms because they almost never go outside, so why the heck not? This way I don't have to look at them longingly all winter...

8. Oversize over skinnies.

Lots of grey this week; I also wore my grey puffer and my grey Danier mixed media coat a lot, with E's grey beanie!

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