Suz, coming back to ask the same questions I just asked Linda... do you feel like it was hard to do this or a piece of cake? Any no brainers or rough days or faves? Unexpected lightbulb moments?

And I will be posting my outfits tonight when back from cabin. As usual I'm behind the rest of you even on my
own challenge!

Una, great questions!

It wasn't hard for me to do this -- for one week. I predict it will get harder in the sense that I will be repeating outfits in some silhouettes really quickly. But since I like to repeat outfits, I also predict that won't bother me. In other words, long term, maybe I'll discover that I can keep a leaner wardrobe as an "outfit" shopper rather than as a "separates" shopper. If I choose to do that. (Which I'm not sure I will).

For me, the no-brainers are the FFB outfits of skinnies plus pullovers. The lightbulb moment came a bit earlier with the purchase of a casual dress. Adding a dress really increased my possible work-at-home options. Even one dress. Because I can "accesorize" it (or disguise it, if you prefer) with different pullovers, cardigans, scarves, and tights. Ha!

kkards -- I am not sure yet whether I will need glasses any more. The hope is that I'll be spec-free, but I rather expect that I'll need drugstore reading glasses for certain reading tasks or low light situations. My distance vision should be good. It's possible my eyes won't adapt to the intermediate zone all that well, either -- only time will tell. I'll need about a month before I know for sure. But since I needed correction at all levels before, and quite high correction, any freedom from specs will be a huge boon to me, even if it is partial.

Congratulations on the eye surgery Suz. I had a much simpler procedure, and still need drugstore reading glasses, but I consider it one of my better decisions.
Onto the outfits! The most interesting change, which it seems you will be easily integrating, is the winter dress. And I think that adds a lot of variety to your day to day dressing. The flares just don't seem that practical for winter, although they do look good. I do love the simple dark pullover over skinnies look!

Amazing that you can dress so fabulously with eye surgery and recovering from pleurisy. I'm looking forward to your silhouettes next week. The first outfit and your dresses are my favorites.
I did the challenge this past week and found it harder than I thought it would be.

Congrats on the eye surgery going well.
You have really fab pieces and it's fun to see them coming out to play in different ways. The bootcut outfit in 2 was my favorite!

Apologies for scarcity and not reading comments. I don't have good internet anymore.

So glad the winter dress is working out for you. I guess I need to eat crow there! Are you planning to add more dresses?

OMG, these challenges are a delish to my eyes(pun intended:-)). I am so happy your eye sugery went that well, and wish you short recovery and if possible better sight then ever! Your week is full of gorgeous outfits and some great tweaks regarding sillouettes, I have learnt a lot just looking at them. Will see if I can do this challenge for my own week of 7days of work and play, too!

Came back to ask will your gorgeous specs be of no use from now on?

They are all very nice but my favorites are 3 and 8. I think a broken line really suits you and I like where the line is broken with the belt and the waist placement in 3 and 8 has multiple breaks with the boots and stockings.
I see both these are semi- gaminesque silhouetes... kind of reminds me of Michelle Williams style - or yours !

Photos 3, 4, 7, and 8 are my favorite looks. I know that it is a year or two old, but I just love that sweater in photo 3 on you and was dissappointed to see it didn't get more wear with flairs this fall because it is such a perfect fall piece. I think you've struck the cord with the right shirt for under that turtle here. Seven suprised me, but I like the slightly lighter and more "open" shirt under the cardi. Of course, you look very fab in the new at home dress silhouette.

Congrats on the eye surgery and so glad to hear that it is going well. The SO is a candidate for a similar but less complicated procedure and I'm trying to encourage him because he is another one that could greatly benefit eye-health an convenience wise from no specs because of his job.

I think it is clear that you have a lot of options . . . my question for your self-reflection is what is keeping you from wearing pieces that you aren't wearing?

I love #1 so much! It is sleek and interesting and has the perfect level of androgyny. I am really curious as to whether this is due to the silhouette or the individual pieces.
The bootcut silhouette also looks fabulous on you and the turtleneck over a shirt is fab.
I think the idea of having a number of complete outfits in a range of silhouettes that can be repeated often sounds like a great idea and one that I think would work well for me. Thank you for the inspiration!
Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope you are recovering quickly and seeing the world in a whole new light!

Glad to hear the surgery went well. And great job mixing up your looks. Will you do so more often now or do you think you will fall back on a favorite formula instead? Deciding to mix things up more often vs sticking to one formula will be very helpful when you shop in the future.

Lisa, thank you.

Going forward, I do think I am going to try to deliberately mix up my silhouettes more often. It seems I don't need to mix colours quite as often as I thought, but silhouette changes make me happy. So I may be able to limit my colours even further (they are already quite limited).

First, wonderful news about the surgery and its outcome; it sounds like the best possible result!

Second, how you manage to look so fab with pleurisy and eye surgery is amazing! My favorite of your stylings is the Banana Republic dress with long cardigan. I love the scarf, stockings, and boots that you chose to wear with it. You are just beautiful in the outfit. Sounds like your kitty loved that outfit, too.

I also admire your plaid trousers in #1 and those extremely cute Aquatalia boots. And your Siamese cat shirt makes me smile every time I see it!

You are inspiring me to see if I can wear skirts and dresses more often during cold weather.

What's this? Eye surgery? I'm so excited for you that I can barely look at your (always fab) outfits! How wonderful that you won't need the strong prescription anymore. You look so good in all of these silhouettes, congratulations on completing the challenge!

You have looked better sick as a dog for these past weeks than I have on a good day. I see fashion was more than just a shot in the arm for you while you were recovering. You truly took the proverbial lemons and made some delicious lemonade from them. Be well!

Excellent thoughts from your silhouette challenge, Suz! (Not that we expected anything different.) My favourite is 2, and 8 is a neat twist on dress + topper due to the long cardigan.

I mix up silhouettes so frequently that sometimes I have to give myself permission to wear the same bottom 2 days in a row. Variety definitely makes a difference, doesn't it.