I know we have had many conversations on the Forum about the
concept of the minimal wardrobe and how some of us have been working towards a smaller, carefully curated wardrobe.

My wardrobe numbers are much smaller than when I first arrived at YLF, yet despite the smaller wardrobe I still find myself having a bit of internal conflict over just how much I have and the merry-go-round of continually seeking out new things. I love fashion and do spend a considerable amount of time pouring over magazines and online. It’s fun but it does eat into my time .

On one hand I love having variety but on the other I want the simplicity of less. I have consciously made the move to buy less but buy better, but can see the opportunity to take this further. So in the light of this, I have been wondering about the Five Piece French Wardrobe concept. I wonder if I could be happy adding only 10 new items per year?

As I understand it, the idea is to buy just 5 new items each season. The info I read suggested that since there are two seasons in fashion you would work to those i.e. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Basics, underwear and accessories (up to a certain $ amount) don’t count. But you can set your own ground rules.

I do think that this could work for me on a number of levels, given I am naturally a planner when it comes to my wardrobe, and I have a limited budget for clothing.

So this leads me to my question. Do any of you do this, or a variation of
this. How does it work for you and has it been a positive step. For those who don’t work this way, what does
work for you??

xxx Deborah