Me, yesterday afternoon, on Sterling's post...
"... I like the idea of build-as-you-go. I think I'm going to reference Lisa from Shopping Brake, and pack up everything into a couple of carry-on suitcases that I have. I'll pull things out and put them on the closet rail as I wear them. We'll see how that goes!"

Me, later yesterday afternoon...
"Hmm. Some of this stuff is going to get wrinkled if I put it in the carry-on. Why don't I just pull half a dozen things and hang them, and then start adding from there?"

Ten minutes later...
"Seems silly to put this stuff in the carry-on, when I know I'll pull it out in another week and have to re-steam. Why don't I just put the small, carefully curated items front and center, and put everything else back along the rail?"

(I think you know where this is going).

Me, last night....
"How did I get to 22 items already? Why is this skirt- no. NO. YOU PUT THAT SKIRT BACK AT THE BACK OF THE RAIL, YOUNG LADY. WE ARE ADDING LATER. NOT NOW."

Me today...

Me, 30 minutes ago...
"Okay. I'm just going to put everything in here and count after"

Me: 25 minutes ago.
" did I get to 45?!"

My list is below. I did not count: Anything I use to layer, that is also used for exercise, loungewear, or as undergarment layers (i.e., not standalone items). Shoes. Outdoor toppers that are removed once indoors. Cardigans, because those are loungewear.

What I did count: Some eventwear, including a couple of dresses, some fancier skirts, and a two-piece silk suit that is too dressy worn together, but great as separates. I have at least one dressy event a week this coming month, but seven skirts + two dresses seems a bit excessive, so I'm going to cull this down a bit. I also counted any dancewear that I would wear out in public after to run errands.

ETA: I'm re-working these numbers. Changes are indicated with **

Total Count: 37 (down from 45 on January 2nd)

Toppers that are worn indoors: 3. (1 black cropped bolero, 1 red s/s zip jacket, black zip sweater jacket. CUT:

1 teal silk jacket)

Tops: 19
**Sweaters: 1 (1 white. CUT: 1 brown/black patterned + 1 green)

Button-down Tops: 2 (1 pink silk, 1 white stretch cotton)

Long-Sleeve Tops: 6 (5 black, 1 pink)
Long-Sleeve Bodysuits: 3 (2 black, 1 white)
**Short-Sleeve Tops: 5 (1 white, 1 pink, 3 black. CUT: 1 white floral)
**Short-Sleeve Bodysuits: 1 (kept one, CUT one)
**Sleeveless Tops: 0 ( CUT: 1 green, 1 black)
Tube Sweater: 1 (black)

Bottoms: 14
**Skirts: 2 ( Both black. CUT: 3 green, 2 black)
Pants: 1 (black velvet)
Jeans: 2 (1 dark blue, 1 dark blue/black)
Leggings/Dance Gear: 4 (3 black leggings; 1 leather leggings)

Dresses: 1

**1 black longsleeve (CUT: 1 black sleeveless dress)

Here is my pretty, organized, non-separated closet rail, at the back of the BF's cavern of a closet, as of January 2nd.

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