No matter how well you plan, sometimes life can throw a wrench into those plans. What matters most to me is how I respond to those challenges. It is all about being flexible enough to meet the demands of any day. This is sometimes easier said than done. I don't want to lose track of overarching goals, but I do want to be forgiving if I spend an entire week wearing lounge wear.

I started out my January Challenge so strong (in my humble opinion). I was feeling good and so very excited. Then a series of events derailed my challenge .... to some degree: BF broke his ankle; three days of snow kept me housebound; head cold; and now the Government Shut Down.

I've been wearing far less of my wardrobe than I anticipated. I wore nearly one-hundred percent lounging clothes during the past week. Lounging clothes are not counted in my challenge and I got out of the habit of even trying. I just kinda gave up ....

I am better today. My head cold is nearly gone (drugs are our friends). I discovered I have a rocking lounge capsule. I own really comfortable, cozy loungewear that is a pleasure to wear!!! I must have known this, but never had the opportunity to put it to the test to quite this degree.

Day 21: Lounge clothes.

There are still nine days left in the challenge. I would like to make these last nine days count. I will resume my challenge with vigor. Starting tomorrow I will resume getting dressed with purpose every single morning. YAY!!

My deepest regret is that I got behind in reading Challenge posts. I genuinely tried to keep up with all the posts last week, but sometimes I found it hard to think through the cold mediation (maybe drugs are not our friends)?