2022 is not over yet, but I thought I’d kick off the end-of-year postings now.

My goals for 2022 were to be more intuitive, emotional, and relaxed about buying new pieces and putting outfits together. Didn’t happen AT ALL Instead I bought basics, essentials, the occasional HEWI and continued wearing the classic or sporty outfits that are typical for me. I feel like I've completely lost my fashion mojo. (To be fair I've had a tough year on some personal fronts which has contributed to this, but things are better now)

The reasons are straightforward but not easy to combat.

I need petite sizing in tops, sweaters, jackets, and coats, and there are extremely limited choices for these sizes in the B&M world around me. Regular sized

pants work with a 9 ½” rise which these days seems to be called “low”
by some brands and is still not readily available in the hi-rise world. The few stores that do carry petites in-store are all the classic/sporty brands that work ok for me but are hardly ever better than ok. Some brands that do have petites do not have them in stores near me. The stores/brands that are more interesting, elegant, sophisticated, whatever, rarely carry petites so they mostly won’t fit. The small number of boutiques and thrift/consignment shops near me almost never have anything that fits me so I’ve stopped looking.

The only B&M stores where I bought more than 1 or 2 things this year were TJMaxx (hit or miss and not easy to build outfits without a
lot of work) and a Banana Republic Factory that is a real pain to get to due to the traffic situation. I haven’t bought footwear in a store in a couple of years – again not a great selection around me.

So, I can’t build a wardrobe by visiting B&M Stores, I have to shop online. As we all know, that means lots of returns because you can’t assess fabric, fit, or sometimes even color until you open the package and try it on.

My wardrobe is OK but it’s often not easy to make outfits, the outfits only occasionally really make me happy, and I have a LOT of orphans or semi-orphans.

I don't have a large wardrobe, in part for space reasons, so I don't have all kinds of fun stuff I can find and re-mix in new ways

I am spinning my wheels, doing the same thing over and over the same way expecting different results, wasting time, not enjoying it. That's Insanity of course.

So, what can I do differently? Just some random ideas …

I do need to do a style refresh and another closet clear out. I don’t
think my style has changed a lot but I know I'll find some good nuggets in Angie's refresh and renewal posting.

Instead of constantly browsing, try doing it seasonally. And look at shoes/bags/outerwear first. (my outerwear collection is boring me to tears right now). Visit B&M stores far less and just for inspo.

be less intuitive and better organized/focused about online shopping

Identify one or two trends per season to try

Do continue to follow the instagrammers and YLF fibbers whos
outfits I like

Post more outfits on YLF to get feedback

Try shopping for a small ensemble at the same time from one online vendor – at least the colors, seasonality, and general vibe might be

Be systematic about looking at some new online sites. If they have any degree of garment measurements (rise, top length) then they are possibilities. My working list is Aritzia, Stories, Cezane, Asos/Topshop (lot of petites), Shopbop, Petite Studio NYC, Boden

Not ready to give up!

Thanks so much for reading this far and would LOVE to hear any and all advice, commiseration, and suggestions.