Chris, my suggestion is to try RL regular too. It might just fit

With all the Asians on the West Coast you’d think Petite sizes would be more available. But no. Nordstrom used to carry a lot of Petites in their house brands, but no more not even online.

I’m 5’ 1” and shop over 90% online, almost totally Nordstrom due to easy returns and alterations availability. My arms and legs are so short that even Petite sleeves and pant legs can be too long. So-called bracelet length sleeves are my friend!

Doesn’t White House Black Market sell Petites? Are they still around? I’ve never really investigated them. Also, FWIW sometimes Madewell dresses fit me including sleeve length.

DonnaF Exactly! Yup I've noticed that Nordstrom has, like most companies, reduced their petite offerings dramatically. I can't shop there since they fired me but I do look from time to time for brands I might buy elsewhere. WHBM does have petites, quite a lot of them, but their style is a bit glam for me and their jackets always sell out really fast in the larger petite sizes (the sizes I need). I do keep going back, and have a few stores in my area where I can see fabrics/colors IRL but no more petites in the stores.

Yet another 'cusp petite' chiming in (I'm around 5ft3 on on a good day - & am definitely no 'waif', lol)! For reference, my shoulder to natural waist is 16" but to just above my hips is 20" - so I can *sometimes* wear regular bottoms, but am otherwise short waisted (sleeves are often too long).

I'm unfortunately going to have to echo others here on the importance of shopping online if you have any sort of fit 'issues' (which, let's be real, is most of us). Even for me, I use the petites section back home (in the UK) but ironically my limbs are now too long for the 'Asian' sizes out here (in HK)!

All is not lost though - if you like thrifting/ brick & mortar shopping, then I'd recommend buying your fun accessories & completer pieces there (like toppers) but stick to your basic clothing online.

PS: I'd recommend Seasalt Cornwall (no surprise there, lol) - they have a petites section, list garment measurements, often use natural fibres, & do free shipping worldwide (above a certain amount). I also like that their styles are usually fairly classic, but with small updates & fun prints.

Chris, a piece of advice that has resonated with me recently is to think of the pieces in your wardrobe as tools, rather than focusing on outfits.

For example, what do I have that can use to add femininity when something I'm wearing feels to masculine? What can I use to make something sporty feel more refined? What can I use to make something dull feel more interesting. What can I use to change the proportion?

The focus is less on "do these colours go together" and more on the cohesiveness of the pieces if that makes sense. This may or may not resonate with you, too, but I thought I'd share just in case!

I do hope 2023 is a better year for you on all fronts.

Thanks Zaeobi! Yup the online shopping seems to be the only way. I unfortunately do not have good consignment/thrift otptions near me. I will add Seasalt Cornwall to my list, thanks!

Carol S that's great advice! I've been vaguely trying to do something like and the way you describe it makes in really clear! Thanks!

You're welcome, Chris - I can't claim credit for anything other than sharing, but I'm glad if it might be helpful. It's helping me as I think about about what gaps I need to fill to make my own wardrobe more functional.