Better late than never, right?

Last year, I used the guide words "edgy, easy, elegant" to guide my purchasing and decided to approach my wardrobe on a quarterly basis, using seasonal capsules to stave off boredom.

That worked pretty well, but I don't have the bandwidth this year to review my closet every three months, so this year's goals will be different by necessity. 

I wrote before about taking my style in a more bold, pattern-mixing direction, at least on some days. I stand by that, but I also know myself well enough to expect that I'll spend plenty of time in black--probably more than half the time, to be honest. In another thread, I mentioned something like a 75/25 or 80/20 ratio, and that also still feels accurate. The edgy descriptor also still works in this context, so I'll be be keeping it around.

When I first landed on easy, I meant it more in terms of comfort and fit than in terms of care, but finicky laundering and dry cleaning aren't high on my list of priorities so, this year, "easy" will be a reminder to add some more sturdy, washable pieces that can go straight from a medical appointment to a walk in the park to scrubbing the bathtub with no fuss.

Elegant is the one descriptor that just doesn't feel quite right anymore. I like the idea of elegance as a term for the sort of grown-up femininity I wanted to embody. I do still want that, but it doesn't feel as important. 

Instead, I think I'd like to add a new e-word: emotional. I have wardrobe-building rationality on lockdown, so 2022 will be a year for listening to my feelings and enjoying the ride.

After all's how my goals shake out:

  1. Edgy, easy, emotional.
  2. Be bold. I've been having fun dressing like a 60s rock star, mixing large patterns, and layering while the weather allows. Plus, I LOVE looking at a closet full of patterns I find beautiful.
  3. Judicious secondhand. I don't enjoy "the hunt" for secondhand gems at thrift and consignment stores, but I've had some luck recently with pieces from Eileen Fisher Renew (I was able to find a dupe of my beloved silk blouse there after a bit of stalking, as well as a washable silk layering tank for a quite reasonable price).
  4. Anticipate replacements. In the past, I've been taken by surprise when pieces in my small wardrobe reach the end of their lifespans. I'd like to be more aware of my upcoming needs and more proactive about finding replacements before they become emergencies.
  5. Do not buy: 
  • Printed blouses - I have found I rarely wear the "printed top" + plain bottoms formula. I'd rather have a neutral column with a topper or pattern all over (ie: a dress).
  • White and cream - I keep trying. It keeps not working.
  • Dry clean only - Self-explanatory, right?
  • Fast fashion - I've been mostly done with fast fashion for several years, but now I'm completely done.
  • Scarves - I have a tendency to magpie scarves because they're an affordable way to collect beautiful textiles, but the climate here just doesn't support wearing them, even in winter.