Man. I thought 2019 and 2020 were style years with a lot of uncertainty, but they've got nothing on 2021. Things are at their bleakest point to date in Los Angeles right now, and it will probably be another month or two before we're regularly leaving our house again, even for the sort of single-household-only beach outings or picnics we were doing a few months ago. We were so new to the city when lockdown started that there's really no "normal" for me to anticipate going back to. At this point, we've lived longer in lockdown-LA than in the pre-COVID one. Vaccines are still a long way away, since we're low on the priority list.

I cruised through 2020 with fifteen purchases, I wouldn't be opposed to a few more in the next year, but I don't have any big buying plans. If it's possible to travel in the second half of 2021, we definitely want to go somewhere--anywhere, really--so perhaps that will prompt the creation of a new capsule. I could certainly use a dose of inspiration and motivation.

One thing is certain...I want to approach the year on a quarter-by-quarter basis. I was heavily influenced on this by Jessica Rose Williams' seasonal capsule wardrobes. The seasons aren't strongly defined here (this week, in mid-January, our daily highs have been in the mid-70s), so I don't need a capsule wardrobe for weather reasons. I just get bored wearing the same things for months and months on end. I think it would serve me well to define key pieces for each quarter and switch it up after a few months of wear. This goes for purchases, as well. I'm hoping that analyzing needs on a quarterly basis helps me feel a little less stagnant and makes it easier to react to an unpredictable year.

My other goals are still up in the air. Notsaf's beautiful wardrobe inspired me to consider adding another neutral. White is an option, although I don't really like white and black together. I'd also really love to finally find my shade of camel/tan/taupe.

This year, I'll continue buying high-quality, sustainable items. That's not even a question at this point.

Finally, I want to embrace a simpler style statement. Sal and I have a lot in common, but her "bold, relaxed, elegant" doesn't quite fit. Using that as a starting point, though, I came up with "edgy, easy, elegant" which I think works for me right now, while still pushing me to embrace dressing as a confident, urban creative. You all know my style pretty well at this point, though. What do you think?