I'm not sure I'm done buying for the year, but I'm close, and I feel like spending some time in wardrobe introspection, so here are the 14 items I've bought (so far) this year. Over in Finds/Collections, I broke my purchases down into the categories I think of in my modified 5-piece French planning:

Statements, Splurges, and Experiments (or SSEs) - 6 items. It's been misleading in the past to just refer to this category as "statements." SSEs cover all the reasons I might buy something outside of my essentials. They're true statement pieces, special pricey purchases that may or may not be particularly "statement-y", and new experiments with shape or color. Theoretically, I could have bought 10 pieces in this category over the course of the year, but I've only purchased 6. Barring some catastrophic failure, if I buy anything else before the year is out, it will likely be an SSE.

Essentials Replacements - 8 items. When essentials wear out and I replace them (directly or functionally), they count in this category. My replacements this year were all black items, denim jeans, and shoes. My 85-piece wardrobe has about 32 pieces I've marked as "essential," so I replaced about a quarter of them over the course of the year. That strikes me as pretty reasonable.

Gear, Underwear, and Lounge - I don't really count these purchases the way I do everything else, and these items aren't included in the 14-item total above, but I did refresh my sleepwear, purchase two bras, and add a few pairs of socks and underwear over the course of the year. These types of purchases are pretty steady year-over-year.

Looking at the year's collection as a whole, I'm pretty satisfied with what I bought and how much. I don't really see any major fails. But, I also don't feel super inspired by it.

After a hard year, I'm feeling the urge to have some fun with fashion again. We watched the new Get Back Beatles documentary over the past week and I find myself wanting to dress like a 60s rock star. Luckily, I have some starting points in my closet already (see outfit 1 in pics), but maybe my next statement purchases should be a bit more fun and glam.

Here are two WIWs from this week to finish off, just for the heck of it.I have more thinking to do before the new year.

#1 Mostly old pieces, but felt bold. My version of rock star glam.

#2 My new wool/linen herringbone pants from Poetry. Hard to keep them from wrinkling, but I think they have sort of a low-key dark academia vibe.

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