I'm reviewing my 2022 goals and purchases. Below is one of my 2022 goals.
Goal #6 is something I want to try. I have a number of good items that I don’t want to wear now, mostly because they are not in an oversized silhouette. I will keep them but not in my holding zone. I reevaluate clothes in the holding zone a few times a year. These items will packed and stored away for a few years until I feel like wearing more straight cut clothes.

So, how did I do? Well, nobody is asking but...
Through the year I moved some pieces to the storage and planning to store some more in a plastic bin in the basement's closet.
Some of the items I'm planning to keep for sure but it's only a small amount. As for the rest - I came to realize that there are some issues with them like style, or how they make me feel or it's not functioning as I expected. It's possible I will change my mind

but unlikely.

Keeping things and not wearing them for an extended period of time makes me feel guilty like keeping a reminder of my mistakes.
When I read about people keeping their clothes for decades it means two things to me:
1. They were not wearing it often or at all. A rare item of clothing can survive a consistent rotation for decades without wearing out.
2. They are OK with things just staying in their closets indefinitely.

I'm not one of them. Knowing that somewhere there is a stash of clothes I don't wear, does not make me feel good.
Letting things go is still a struggle. I don't put in donation any worn out or damaged items, too much of it already clogging the thrift stores with no hope for a sale.

So, I will try to sell most of it at some point. It's an enormous task for me, especially since I'm terrible in selling anything at all. But I know I might be on a tighter budget if I retire soon and it make me feel better to know that I can recover some of the money I spent. I'm calling it my Grandma's Future Consignment General Store
Over to you - are you a keeper of a perpetual holding zone or a serial donator or a laser precision shopper?