I have so little space, and hate excess, so tend to donate/consign regularly. I do keep a small holding zone of things that don't currently fit, which I check periodically.

“Are you a keeper of a perpetual holding zone or a serial donator or a laser precision shopper?”

Haha! Definitely more of the former. I’ve just recently done a significant edit of the holding zone, letting go of items that have more than one strike against them. A 10-year-old designer blazer I love but skews too traditional AND is a full size too small? Gone. Even if I lose 10 lbs, I think styles have changed enough in a decade that I’m not going back to that particular style. What’s “cool” now has changed. If I’m wearing a blazer at this point in my life, it needs to have some chill factor or edge, that that one didn’t have enough of either. Just an example.

I’d like to be more of a laser precision shopper, but I’m an emotional shopper and dresser, and laser precision also means putting on blinders to new possibilities, so I prefer to keep experimenting a bit, even if it means an occasional mistake. Fortunately, I usually realize my mistakes before the return window closes and can take the items back. I’m getting better at that.

I am a frequent donator! My nieces are recipients, and I do consign some items. The last time I dropped off some bags at Goodwill, I was shocked to see how much stuff was piled up to be sorted, and it made me wonder if my stuff was going straight to trash. That definitely gave me pause. I’d rather put it up on my local Buy Nothing group and give it to someone who really wants it!