Hi All

(this is a bit long)

My goal for this year was 30 or less purchases...whilst maintaining my style where I want it to be. I have been moving to wider silhouettes on the bottom half, and simpler tops..... and trying to do more thrifting.

I have added 18 items so far this year and it is not six months........... so I will need to be judicious with future additions.

My additions are all in finds. I wanted to look at them as a collection and see if they are cohesive and/or balanced.

1. Diadora Sneakers (bought Italy)
2. Eileen Fisher sandals (online from US)

3. Scarf (Italy)
4. Yellow Bag (Italy)

5. Black Sweater (Italy)
6. Striped Long Sleeve Grey and White Tee (Italy)
7. Silk abstract blouse (thrifted locally)

8. Lululemon Pink Puffer (bought locally)
9. Gold bomber (thrifted)
10. Leopard spot cardigan (thrifted)

Skirts and Pants
11. Green floral (designed by friend)
12. Striped Skirt (Designer - consignment)
13. Olive wide legs (designed by friend)
14. A line Blue Skirt (Noa Noa designer - bought locally)

15. White floral shift (thrifted)

16. Adidas tank (new local)
17. Black leggings (new local)
18. Running shoes (new local)

I have also exited 15 items of which 8 were worn out, one was sold, and the rest donated to the opportunity/thrift shop. I have downgraded a couple of tees to gear and my old runners to gardening shoes!! So my closet size is at 96 excluding gear/accessories/bags but including shoes/coats. This is kind of an arbitrary distinction.......

My newest addition is the blue A line Noa Noa skirt (Scandi brand which I love). I have worn it three times already. Here are some WIW from the last week or two - worn for work, dinner out, errands etc. My least favourite is the jeans and red leather jacket - I loved the Italian style with scarves and sneakers and jackets but am struggling to replicate...The white Rollie shoes and skirt look I think needs some work as well.

I bought the A line skirt in place of the jeans/pants I was looking for - I am just not in love with jeans right now so I will make do with my existing pairs. When one gives up I am sure more denim will come along.

Sorry this is kind of long...

Thanks for reading and comments/suggestions are welcome.

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