I was planning to do this later in the month (or next month) as January is a strange month here with extended school breaks, some weekends away, general routines being put on hold, and juggling work as I can.

But after Angie's request I added some simple goals to the blog post and have reposted here so I have a starting point to build on later.

1) Continue to wear outfits that fit within my flamboyant natural style persona – key words are sporty, elegant and relaxed.
2) Being clear and fussy on new additions – pouncing when I know something is perfect, but sometimes waiting is the best approach.

3) Building on my love of 70s looks with one or two new midi looks.
4) Key new additions will be – puffer jacket, ankle boots, blazer.
5) Hold back on statement pieces that are hard to layer and enjoy wearing the ones I already have.
6) Find a great outfit for a mid winter wedding ( the midi 70s look would be my ideal.
7) Re-evaluate my winter essentials early in the season (March) as this is an area that I can get caught out on.

8) (just thought of now) Develop a work winter capsule that is professional and practical and stylish. I need flat covered shoes, simple pieces, some warmth and really only about four to five looks of .which I have many of already - one or two careful additions will make this work well (the ankle boots and the blazer).

My wardrobe is in a good state mostly thanks to YLF so it is a case of refinement and judicious refreshments.